Subject Specialism From Year 5 Onwards


Passionate teachers challenge and stretch our pupils; we can all remember a particular teacher and how their love of a subject inspired us to learn more about their area.

As our children grow, we increase the amount of subject specialism culminating in a full specialist curriculum in the final four years of Prep School, a model unique to our setting to Brighton College (Singapore).

The Benefits of Our Unique Model
Our approach offers unique academic and pastoral benefits, allowing a breadth and depth of subject knowledge to be acquired alongside the nurturing relationship of a tutor to support a child in their readiness for senior school.

By adopting the small pastoral group method, we ensure teachers acting in these mentor roles have the necessary time to spend significant 1:1 time with each child, helping them where necessary, being a guiding support and communicating quickly and efficiently with other adults, including parents.

The Brighton Experience
Pastoral Care and Preparation for Senior School
All children are placed in pastoral groups of 10 – 12 and assigned a teacher who will see them at least twice a day in this capacity. They will also teach your child for particular lessons.

Their role is to know your child inside and out and help to prepare them for the changes that come at Senior School. They will also aim to know what your hopes are for your child and together steer the child on their journey to their next school. Independence, organisation and ownership over their own learning are taught in this protective environment ensuring that, when they arrive at their new school in Year 9, they are prepared to be in a setting with much less direct supervision than primary school days and one that is likely to be a much larger (and potentially more overwhelming) environment.

As a result of supporting the children to become independent by following a timetable and moving classrooms for specialist lessons before they enter Senior School, your child will be more relaxed, happier and have an easier transition into the demands of Year 9.

Our Specialist Subject Teachers
We believe that excellent teachers are good learners and we encourage the development of our academic subject specialists through further education, continual learning and sharing of practice with educators from around the world to ensure they are aware of continual changes within their areas. Providing children with an opportunity to work with experts in a given subject we encourage in-depth knowledge and higher-order thinking.

By creating a staffroom team of Early Years Specialists, General Primary Specialists and Subject-Specific Specialists (who hold degrees within their fields) we will create an impressive community who share their excellent knowledge and pedagogy with each other to create a unique Primary School environment which offers an unrivalled preparation for Senior School.

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