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Tattoo supplies

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Ferber Ink Studio products contain pure and organic pigments, offering simple and effective application, as well as quick and easy cleaning.

Tattoo ink 
Tattoos are becoming increasingly popular, but it is essential to understand tattoo ink before getting a tattoo. This ink is composed of pigments, carriers, additives and preservatives. Pigments determine color, wearers carry them in the skin, additives improve stability and preservatives prevent infections. Pigments can be organic or inorganic, with differences in color, durability and allergic reactions.

Anesthetic cream
Despite the renewed popularity of tattooing, pain can deter some. Ferber Ink Studio’s Anesthetic Cream offers a solution by alleviating pain, making the tattoo experience more comfortable and less intimidating.

The liquid to remove a tattoo
Although tattoos are an ancient form of self-expression, sometimes one regrets having done one and tries to get rid of it. Liquid for removing tattoos has become a popular solution because of its effectiveness and safety. But where can you find this product?

Choose the innovative solution and discover the exceptional quality of Ferber Ink Studio products.

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