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Primo specializes in providing wooden floor polishing services in Dubai, UAE. Wooden floors are quite impressive – they add character and mood to a place. However, all this is lost when the wooden floor loses its shine and looks.
The effectiveness of our wooden floor polish gives us an edge over our competitors as well, since you don’t require polishing service for your home as often when you choose Primo.

Primo is a smart choice for you if you are looking for an efficient, focused and trained team to help make your home look better at reasonable rates.

If you are a homeowner who wants a luxurious hardwood look for their home but cannot spend such an excessive amount on flooring, then laminate flooring is your best bet. It is a very economical option when it comes to flooring and is extremely durable.

Primo offers engineered wood flooring services for residential and commercial projects. We have a great team of extremely experienced and professional staff for both design and installation. Our team always puts the client first, working in a manner that is convenient and suitable for them.

Homeowners have chosen hardwood floors as their primary flooring option for years and rightfully so. People consider hardwood floors as a great investment for their homes as it has a lot of benefits.

If you are looking to add an aesthetic appeal to your home, Parquet flooring is the answer. Parquet flooring adds a classic timeless look to the interior of any room.

Carpet flooring is such a versatile option that can help change or uplift any space. A new carpet can feel luxurious and elegant or comfortable and casual.

We all want our floors to look pretty while being easy to maintain and light on the pocket. If you demand the same things from your floor, vinyl flooring is the best option for you.

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