How to Export Outlook to MBOX Format

Microsoft Outlook is one of the most popular applications available for emailing. Most organisations and large enterprises use this application for calendering, emailing, and many other types of work. Microsoft Outlook isn't free and after the expiring demo edition of MS Outlook requires a licence payment, which many customers cannot afford. As a result, apart from purchasing the licenced edition users prefers to switch to its alternative free MBOX supported email applications like- Thunderbird. 

But migration from Outlook to Thunderbird is difficult because Outlook stores all users’ information in a PST file that is not compatible with any other email client. On other hand, most email clients support MBOX file format to save users’ emails. 

As a result, to export Outlook emails in MBOX-supported email, the user has to convert the PST file to MBOX format.

Reasons to Export Outlook to MBOX Format

  • One of the most common reasons for migrating from Outlook to MBOX supported email client.

  • If a PST file has been destroyed due to a server crash or any other reason, repairing it is a time-consuming process, as a result, users need to export emails from corrupt PST to healthy MBOX files to access data.

Easy Solution to Export Outlook Emails to MBOX files

Our recommendation to every user is to convert the PST file to an MBOX file utilising an automated tool eSoftTools PST to MBOX Converter Software. Use this tool to easily move emails from PST to MBOX files. With this software, all users can easily perform PST file conversion with ease because of the program's multiple capabilities, including an interactive user interface.

Steps to Export Outlook to MBOX Format

  • Download and install eSoftTools PST to MBOX Converter Software on your PC

  • Start the software, from its welcome screen press the Select PST button.

  • Select and add PST files in the software and click the Start Scanning button.

  • Scan PST files and get a preview of all PST file inner mailbox items on the software's screen.

  • From the preview panel, select needed email folders and click the Save PST button and choose Export to MBOX option from the conversion options list.

  • To convert PST with the appropriate email items, apply mail filter option.

  • Start the PST to MBOX conversion process, by clicking the “Convert” button.




When you want to access your Outlook data with another email client that supports MBOX files, you'll need to convert from PST to MBOX format. However, the manual PST to MBOX conversion method is unreliable. It entails numerous difficulties. To perform this conversion process, it's better to utilize an automated tool like eSoftTools PST to MBOX Converter Software for Convert PST Files to MBOX Format. Users can try this software demo edition now to check all its working processes.