Significant DIY Steps for Complete Termite Treatment and Residential Pest Control

There are several such steps, yet we will certainly assess them later in this blog post and also, initially, we will know some fascinating facts regarding these creatures that would eventually aid us in removing them via DIY. 


There are approximately 2,300 termite varieties worldwide. 

Termites do not rest, and also, they can eat timber all day and also this 24/7 operational capability makes them one of the deadliest parasites worldwide. 


The queen termite's typical life expectancy can be as long as 50 years; however, the non-productive termites can endure just two human years. 


Their nests can exist up to one century or 100 years and this is an additional factor that makes these animals so harmful for human swarms. 

According to those using pest control Bald Hill solutions, there is a king too that friend with the queen to secrete pheromones that prevent the reproductive development of their other termite member of the family. 


The queen lays an egg every 15 secs. 

There are employees and soldiers' termites that can be male as well as women both and they are mainly eyes-less and wingless and also, they are clean and sterile. 


Soldier termites protect the swarm by decapitating trespassers utilizing their solid jaws.

Right here are some effective DIY steps that will certainly aid you in the process of termite treatment. 

Apply termite bait 

One of the most reliable approaches to get rid of these creatures is using termite lures that are to be utilized in combination with mineral water. 

This termite has to be blended in a container of water and should be placed in the area where they are most energetic as well as left for 4 to six weeks. 

Professionals advise using mineral water as contrasted to faucet water considering that these animals actually have an extremely developed feeling of scent. 

Faucet water has a scent of different chemicals and structures used to keep it tidy and this scent can inform them concerning an approaching threat; this way, they will not go towards this smell. 

Dust with Termiticide 


Another method utilized by pest control businesses is dusting termites with termicides since those dusts will certainly contaminate others and so forth and in this manner; the whole colony will certainly obtain infected. 

Bottom Line  

Termites, the most harmful pest, have been one of the biggest problems for people across the globe. Unfortunately, obtaining rid of them is not easy, and no matter just how hard you attempt DIY, you will certainly have to call in the house pest control company and obtain termite therapy done by the experts.