Everyone enjoys braids and tries various braid hair techniques to achieve the most attractive and thicker braids. Many women have thin hair, so adding hair extensions such as hair weaves for braids, human hair clip-in extensions, and virgin Indian hair for braids are just a few options. 

However, this is not all that is necessary to make them stay longer; read on for 11 tips on how to achieve very thicker braids that will last longer without tangles.


1. First, Untangle


Knotty strands will grab and tangle your hair as you attempt to braid it. Before hair braiding, untangle all of your sections from roots to ends. And, to minimize knots midway through your braids, clip away the areas you're not working on.


2. Second, Parting


We agree that the nicest braids are backed with the best parting. Use hair tools for braids like a rattail comb to get it exactly perfect. To separate, use the tool's long wire end. Then, use clips to split off the hair, so it doesn't fall back into the parting. So, how about the back of the neck? To observe hard-to-reach locations better, use two mirrors: one stationary and one portable.


3. Dont For getting Mist Your Hair


Before braiding, mist your hair with a mild hairspray to prevent fly-aways and shorter hair from falling out. It will also keep your parting intact and give you a clean look with no hair poking out.


4. Wet Hair Is Best For Braiding



Wet hair is the best hair for braids to trap all the loose ends inside the braid and create a really clean, smooth look. In addition, putting a small amount of texturizing wax or cream on each part before braiding helps keep the tiny layers in place.


5. Pan-caking



Don't be worried if you have thin hair. You may use pancaking to make your hair thicker and fuller when learning how to braid it. After braiding your hair, use your thumb and index finger to twist and tug each weave to enhance its appearance gently. This braid hair technique will give you thicker braids.


6. Make Use Of Hair Tools For Braids


If your hair for braids is looking too tidy, slightly muss it up by gently brushing over the top of it with a clean toothbrush. The bristles will help create a stylish, easy, and messy effect. There are many hair tools for braids, such as french braider, edge combs, and loop, which can assist you in attempting different braid hair techniques.


7. No mirror


While it may appear like seeing oneself in the mirror while learning different braid hair techniques is a good idea, it is most likely not. Your reflection will show you braiding your hair backward while your fingers perform the opposite. Follow the steps/watch tutorials for braids talk to yourself as you perform the steps.


8. Sleeping



If you sleep with a silk scarf or pillowcase, you can keep a lot of tighter braids in for up to a week. It eliminates friction and tangling. Silk/satin are recommended if you use hair weaves for braids to avoid matting shredding.


9. The Second Day Trick



When your hair is freshly washed, it is quite slick. Moreover, if the hair is two to three days old, the braid will last longer. This one is one of the best tricks to get steady braids.


10. Less Is More


It's much simpler to get your hair for braids to do what you want if you use some product—not a lot, but just a little. Dry shampoo and dry texture spray can also help you obtain a stronghold on your hair. If you are using hair weaves for braids, dry shampoo is the best option to keep the hair for braids fresh without washing it.


11. Use Extensions To Add Volume Length


To get the Instagram-worthy fat braids, add a few virgin Indian hairs clip-in extensions at the top of the head and towards the neck. Virgin Indian hair will give you a natural appearance add instant length volume to your braids.



There are 11 braid hair techniques to try, but the fundamentals are critical. With these tips, any braid will endure longer while causing no hair damage. So, the next time you want to braid your hair, remember these tips, and you'll look great for several days without much effort.