Madden NFL 22 is not Good - Review

The wide range of YouTubers' areas of madden 22 coins focus shows how huge the game these days. There are YouTubers like Belton who post footage of themselves playing in various games; there's an array of people who post strategies and tips; and then there are those dedicated to dunking on Madden.

Last fall, one channel named SOFTDRINKTV released a video of 14 minutes that was titled "The Madden with the Worst Madden of All Time," Then, a few days later, they released by a 19-minute video called "Madden NFL 22 is not Good - Review." They re-enter an identical well last week with a video that was titled "Everything Wrong with Madden NFL 22 (in 16 minutes)." The narration of that one opens memorably, if not somewhat dramatically: "This is the kind of game that inspires you to stick an eyeball in your thumb. If it comes to playing Madden 22, the gift of life turns into the curse. It is no longer a desire to live. It can cause existential dread."

Like every subculture, Madden includes its very own terms of speech. Throws that are precise can be described as "lasers" (self-explanatory). A good throw is usually a "dot" and it's "dotted up" -- and it has changed from "dart" (less than self-explanatory). Also, defensive coverage that is strong used to be "bagged," though recently I've come across YouTubers calling themselves "booked." The most logical one according to my understanding is "mossing" someone, which is when players leap over corner to grab the ball out of the air, influenced to Randy Moss.

But the resentment of Madden seems to be just as prominent a part the culture, even if it does appear to be a bit performative at times. The subreddit r/Madden is almost completely "rants" on the reason why the game sucks, usually only a short video clip of a bug or glitch. The #Madden22 tag on TikTok is an equal part highlights, as well as calling out busted plays that EA should address.

If don't like a video game that frequently, why continue playing it each year?

To Andrew Belton, Madden earns him his money. The game has been played since 2005 Madden and, more importantly, YouTubing since his 2018 Madden. The channel has been growing to the point that he makes a living doing it -- enough to afford to move out of his parents' place and to a home in Brooklyn. (He also sells ebooks with Madden tips through his Patreon account, which, he estimates, is a third of the revenue.)

The trash-talking concept didn't originate with Belton. Though he's likely to be the most prominent person doing it in YouTube for Madden however, trash-talking videos are also popular in other sports games like NBA 2K. (Another kind of game Belton dislikes is: "I thought Madden was extremely gruesome However, 2K actually causes me to... I'm not able to play it; that's how angry it makes the hell out of me.")

The channel Belton plays some games every week and throws any that are too boring to  mut 22 coins share. Finding the right trash talkers is an art of sorts. "I've noticed that with these people that the more rubbish they are talking about, the less effective they do at playing," Belton says. To make good videos, he needs an opponent to both be proficient at the game and be as loud in the best way.