Applications of Power Harrows

The capacity of a power harrow to generate perfectly levelled, the weed-free ground makes it an excellent choice for a variety of activities. This is especially true because it combines a tiller's levelling and texturising chores with a chain drag's finishing elements.

With the arrival of spring, it's time to start planning your farm. For this job, power harrows are a good option. These machines are designed specifically for seedbed preparation and weed management. They are not only less destructive to the soil than more traditional tillage instruments such as the power tiller, but their adaptability allows them to do a wide range of tasks. Also, one other thing that makes this machine worth using is the availability of its parts. You can easily find spare parts from any supplier of power parts NZ wide. 

Application of Power Harrows

The vertical tines of a power harrow are connected to horizontal axes by a set of horizontal axes. These axes turn, tilling the soil to a certain level. Following these axes, a mesh roller compacts the dirt and seals the surface to prevent moisture loss while delivering an ideal seedbed.

Because they are less harmful to soil structure than other tillage instruments like rotary hoes and tillers, power harrows are frequently preferred. This is due to the circular motion of the harrow, which stirs the soil but does not mix the layers together. This prevents soil layer inversion and vertical compression. The latter is of particular significance because vertical compression can result in the creation of a hardpan, which reduces soil drainage and creates a barrier that roots find difficult to penetrate.

The working depth of a power harrow can also be modified, allowing it to operate only to the depth of the top root layer. As a result, compared to a tiller, a power harrow draws up less dirt with weed roots. This allows for more light exposure on the roots, which kills undesired weeds, which is especially crucial for organic gardeners who want to avoid using herbicides.

A power harrow is also a very adaptable piece of machinery that may be utilised for a variety of activities outside of the market garden. Because of its capacity to level the ground, it's ideal for a racetrack, rodeo arena, and construction site preparation. Power harrows are also great for equestrian arena care since they combine the levelling and texturizing chores of a tiller with the finishing details of a chain drag.

In general, power harrows are an excellent choice for market gardeners. They provide optimal seedbed preparation and weed control thanks to its horizontal, low tillage, and adjustable operating depth. When you consider their adaptability and availability in a range of sizes, you're likely to find one that's ideal for your business.

Other uses of Power Harrows 

Power harrows are also used for: 

·         The upkeep of a rodeo arena.

·         Preparation of the construction site

·         Dragging and upkeep of a horse-riding arena.

·         Refurbishment and upkeep of sports fields.

·         Maintaining racetracks for cars, bikes, or horses.

·         Fields for baseball and softball are dragged.

·      Construction and upkeep of dirt trails and roads.

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