6 extracurricular activities good for children's development

As a parent, everyone wants their children to have the best physical and mental development for them. A child's development is a combination of many different factors during the child's upbringing at home and at school. Besides genetic factors, environmental factors are also factors that greatly affect the development of children.

So how can children develop both physically and mentally healthy? Parents, let's explore with Kiddi 5 activities that are good for children's development!


1. Let children do housework with their parents

Children are very active and eager to explore. So let the children help their parents do the housework, suitable to the children's strength, so that the children can both understand the hardships of their parents, love them more, be more obedient and also learn more skills. useful – like cooking, cleaning, and taking care of the family. This is an indispensable activity to help children develop comprehensively physically and mentally.


2. Participate in sports activities

The digital age develops, so exposure to many different cultures through the Internet in general and information technology in particular - can make children interested in entertainment games on smartphones but become less interested in entertainment. more active. Therefore, sports is one of the good habits for children to have better health, gain new skills and also help to reduce the increasingly strong physiological development of children through exercises.


3. Maintain the habit of reading books

Depending on the age of the child, parents should choose books suitable for the age and ability of the child. The habit of reading books not only helps children gain more knowledge about the world around them, but also helps them learn diligence and diligence. Moreover, books that learn while playing help children develop their own intelligence and capacity.


4. Learn how to care for animals, garden and create science

This is an extremely interesting activity, helping children to unleash their creativity and learn many essential skills to help them develop their own capacity. Activities that stimulate creativity in applied science for children can be as simple as making pictures from wood chips, weaving cloth, planting trees, milking cows on the farm, making floating story books, birthday greeting cards Cooking, cooking… The children will be very happy to create a small product that can be used by themselves and their family.


5. Let the kids color

It is not surprising that coloring will help children stimulate the development of their brains and motor abilities. This is considered an essential educational tool for young children. It is not simply lessons from teachers but also a method to help develop children's thinking, as well as enhance creativity. Let children practice coloring to spark their imagination, giving them the opportunity to express themselves. Currently, there are many topics for you to refer to such as animals, mermaids, anime characters,...


6. Learn to spend smart

Practicing spending habits from a young age helps children learn how to spend wisely, save money, and appreciate money. Parents, let your children manage the coins they receive such as happy birthday money, etc., but also don't forget to teach them how to use money properly. Parents can teach their children to divide the money that they receive to spend on themselves and remove the savings pipe.

Kiddi hopes that the above sharing will help parents to better care for and nurture their beloved children, so that their children have a resilient health and comprehensive development both physically and mentally.

Currently, coloring pictures of mermaids are always a topic that is loved by many children. If you are interested in this, you can refer to Coloring Mermaid for kids.