Golden Revive Plus Reviews [Urgent Update]: Do Not Spend A Dime Until You Read This

Golden Revive Plus Reviews [Urgent Update]: Do Not Spend A Dime Until You Read This


If you are tired of dependence on pain medications and struggling with their side effects then the natural pain relief supplement revealed in this review may be a better alternative for you.


Chronic pain can severely affect one’s quality of life. It is an uncomfortable sensation that can arise from trauma and chronic disease conditions. Besides some disease conditions and injuries, age has been implicated as a risk factor for developing joint pains.


These types of pain can be mechanical such as seen in friction between bones or it could be as a result of nerve damage or injury. Most often, as people age, they begin to develop pains which can significantly affect their level of activity. This predisposes such people to live a non-active lifestyle which has health disadvantages.


As discovered by scientific research, a major cause of pain is Inflammation. A physiologic process that may arise due to injury.


Those who suffer from chronic pain can easily relate to these features. Fortunately, as medical knowledge improves, and in a bid to prescribe more natural solutions and avoid synthetic drugs which cause a lot of harm in the long run, research has provided an alternative and natural means of fighting off these chronic pains.


This has led to the discovery of a natural formula and pain supplement, proven to provide long-lasting relief to pain. This new and effective supplement is known as Golden Revive Plus. This review gives detailed information about this pain relief supplement and how it works.


What Is Golden Revive Plus?


Golden Revive is an all-natural pain supplement manufactured from potent herbs with evidence of treating the underlying cause of chronic pains. According to the creator of this formula, he describes Golden Revive Plus as, “grease for your joints and jet fuel for your mobility.”


It works and unlike prescription or over-the-counter medications, the effects don’t wear off after a few hours. It is free of side effects and has no long-term risks associated with use. This secret discovery targets the source of your discomfort and does not just try to mask the pain for a few hours.


According to the official website, Golden Revive plus provides lasting relief to anyone who suffers from joint pains of any kind, through its pain relief protocol. Thousands of customers have tested this pain supplement, the first of its kind, and have a lot of positive things to say.


How Does Golden Revive Work?


Golden Revive contains a bioactive compound found in Turmeric, this powerful natural substance reduces inflammation by blocking the action of NF-kb, the protein responsible for triggering inflammation. This compound has no side effects and is not addictive. It is called Curcumin and it works with other purely natural ingredients to bring lasting relief.


Golden Revive also contains a host of other potent herbs that all play a role to address the root causes of pain. These ingredients are then combined and act synergistically to end discomfort and bring lasting pain.


Any Side Effects of Golden Revive Plus?


One of the key advantages of this particular pain supplement above others is the fact that no record of side effects has been mentioned. According to the manufacturers, it contains no artificial ingredients or additives and is non-addictive.


Is Golden Revive Safe?


Safety is always a major concern when potential customers are looking to make a purchase. Golden Revive is safe for use, as long as it is used as directed, there is nothing to worry about.


The manufacturers claim that is produced in a sterile facility that meets standard protocol and obeys good manufacturing practice. Based on verified customer reviews, no issues have been raised concerning the safety of this product.


Is Golden Revive Plus a Scam?


No. When you place your order, you actually get your product delivered to your location. Golden Revive is manufactured based on scientific evidence and all the ingredients work as seen above. This supplement offers a range of benefits and here are some of the most important ones.


  • The risk of side effects is reduced as the supplement is made from natural sources and contains no preservatives, additives, or fillers.
  • The supplement offers great discounts. It is pocket-friendly.
  • There is scientific evidence to back up the claims made by the manufacturers concerning its ingredients.
  • Highly effective when used according to directions.


Benefits of Golden Revive Plus


The benefits of Golden Revive Plus go beyond just providing relief to those who suffer acute and chronic joint pains. The ingredients contained in this pain supplement also promote a lot of health benefits. Here are some of the benefits according to customers who have used this supplement.


Stable and Stronger Mobility: Golden revive plus supplement contains ingredients known for strengthening tissues around the joints and promoting collagen synthesis. Customers who use this supplement are noted to see improved movements. Movements were more stable with reduced tremors. The manufacturer calls this supplement, “jet fuel for mobility.”


Fast relief: This pain supplement has proven to be better than over-the-counter joint pain medications in terms of speed of action, according to the manufacturer. When people suffer from acute or chronic pain, it is a discomforting condition and they just don’t want the pain to stop, they want it to stop immediately. Golden Revive provides immediate relief in no time, leaving the user comfortable and relaxed.


Long-Lasting Effect: closely related to fast relief, is the lasting effect of this pain supplement. What is fast relief from pain, if it just comes right back in a few minutes. Golden Revive promotes long-lasting relief from pain, it contains antioxidants that get rid of free radicals known to cause chronic pain.


Energy Booster: Golden Revive+ provides the body with essential nutrients and minerals that strengthen tissues and energize the body. The feeling of relief naturally gives you a sense of freedom and the ability to do what you couldn’t.


Improved Sleep: As Golden Revive plus relieves pain and aids faster healing, sleep is improved. Chronic pain can inhibit sleep due to lack of comfort.


Younger-looking skin: Golden Revive+ contains many antioxidants, bioflavonoids, and various nutrients. This dietary supplement nourishes the skin, keeping it glowing.


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Ingredients in Golden Revive Plus


These Golden Revive Plus ingredients are locally sourced 100% pure natural plants with no additives and no recorded side effects. According to the manufacturer, Golden Revive Plus is the most powerful natural pain reliever on the market today. Here’s a list of the individual Golden Revive plus Ingredients and what they do.


  • Curcumin
  • Boswellia
  • Magnesium
  • Quercetin
  • Bromelain
  • piperine
  • Curcumin


Curcumin is a pigment found in turmeric that not only gives it its characteristic bright hue but also has a range of health benefits. These benefits include antibacterial, antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory, and antioxidant effects. Because of these wide-ranging functions, turmeric has been studied about arthritis, eye conditions, cancer, heart disease, Alzheimer’s disease, and more.




Piperine increases your body’s ability to absorb a wide variety of nutrients by interacting and enhancing the molecules involved in the metabolism of these nutrients. It enhances the bioavailability of every nutrient, ensuring that the process of blocking the “Pain Chain” can take place.




Boswellia contains an ingredient called boswellic acid. Research has confirmed that much like curcumin, boswellic acid is an extremely powerful anti-inflammatory substance. Boswellic acid inhibits the production of another painful chemical called 5-lipoxygenase.


Boswellia initiates healing and it does this by stimulating joint repair by activating your body’s production of collagen. It also keeps your joints lubricated, giving you free, effortless movement by restoring protective proteins produced in synovial fluid.




Specifically, in chronic pain, magnesium can help offset the effects of calcium, which relaxes muscles and nerves. Magnesium acts like a plug-in nerve receptor that is over-stimulated. The problem with this essential mineral is that most people do not have sufficient levels for optimal health.




Reputed to be the most super-concentrated antioxidant on the planet, it is commonly found in wine and onions. Not only does it contain powerful antioxidant benefits but it blocks pain-causing chemicals too.




Bromelain is a powerful anti-fibrotic enzyme found in the juice and stem of pineapples.  One of the things that makes Bromelain so effective against pain is that not only is it super-effective at, breaking down unwanted scar tissue that often forms in joints, muscles, and nerves, it also has potent pain-relieving properties too.


Is Golden Revive Plus On Amazon?


Following the sale of counterfeit Golden Revive in some online retail outlets, the manufacturer advises against making any purchase of any product that claims to be Golden Revive on Amazon or any other online retail outlet as the company cannot vouch for the authenticity of the products being sold on them.


If you choose to buy this supplement, do so using any of the links provided in this review to access the Golden Revive official website.


Where to Buy Golden Revive Plus?


Golden Revive is available for purchase from the official website that has been made available throughout this review. Those who purchase from the official website get discounts and a Lifetime 100% money-back guarantee.


Golden Revive Plus Price


A lot of research was conducted before the final manufacturing of Golden Revive, to ensure safety standards were met. This involved a lot of capital, but the creator of this formula, in a bid to make it accessible to all has given a discounted price. Heal-N-Soothe is another good brand that is equally pocket-friendly and effective.


However, if you decide to buy more bottles, you get even more discounts.


1 Golden Revive Plus - $57

3 Golden Revive Plus - $45 each

6 Golden Revive Plus - $33 each


This special discount is being offered to you today if you purchase from the Official Website.


Lifetime 100% Money Back Guarantee


You should also know that your order of Golden Revive+™ is covered by a Lifetime, 100% Money Back Guarantee.


Does Upwellness Golden Revive Plus Work?


Golden Revive Plus is an incredible all-natural supplement formulated by a board-certified naturopathic physician, Dr. Joshua Levitt. Dr. Levitt runs one of the most well-respected holistic medicine practices in New England and serves as a clinical preceptor for the Yale School of Medicine. This professional-grade supplement is designed to address all 3 causes of muscle, nerve, and joint discomfort.


This supplement has been used by thousands of customers who can all vouch for the authenticity of Golden Revive.


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Who is The Creator of Golden Revive Plus? – Golden Revive Plus Reviews

This pain supplement is Formulated by Dr. Joshua Levitt. He claims to be a qualified healthcare professional and Founder of Upwellness, the company that manufactures Golden Revive Plus. He is a board-certified naturopathic physician, and in that capacity, owns and runs one of the most well-respected holistic medicine practices in New England, where he sees patients and serves as a clinical preceptor for the Yale School of Medicine.


He also claims to have a degree in physiology from UCLA (with an unofficial minor in surfing) and a doctorate from Bastyr University in Seattle, the most prestigious naturopathic medical education in the world.


Causes of Joint Pain – Golden Revive Plus Reviews

Many conditions and factors can cause a person to experience joint pain. If a person has pain in multiple joints, it is known as polyarthralgia. Usually, joint pain is the result of injury, infection, illness, or inflammation.


Below are some of the common causes of joint pain:




Injury is a common cause of joint pain. Injuries can result from the excessive use or effort of the joints or from an impact that causes a fracture, sprain, or strain.


For example, a common knee injury is a damage to the anterior cruciate ligament (ACL). People who play certain sports, such as soccer, basketball, or football, are more at risk of injuring their ACL.


Viral infection


Some infections may result in joint pain. For example, the hepatitis C virus (HCV) can cause complications that result in joint pain. It is common for people with HCV to have related rheumatic diseases, which can cause problems, including pain in the joints.




Some diseases can cause joint pain. Lupus is a chronic autoimmune disease, and common symptoms include muscle and joint pain. Joint pain is the first symptom for more than half of those who develop lupus.


People develop lupus because their body’s immune system becomes hyperactive and attacks normal, healthy tissue.




Arthritis and arthralgia are very similar but have key differences. Both describe joint pain, but arthralgia occurs without the distinct inflammation in the joint that characterizes arthritis. Nearly half of adults with arthritis report persistent joint pain.


There are more than 100 different kinds of arthritis, including:


osteoarthritis (OA)

rheumatoid arthritis (RA)


septic arthritis


The cause of arthritis varies among the different types.


OA results from cartilage loss in the joints. Calcification of the cartilage around the joints eventually makes the cartilage thinner before damaging it. Older adults are more likely to develop OA.


RA is an autoimmune response to a trigger. The body tries to fight off what it thinks is an invader but instead degrades the cartilage and bones in the joints.


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Golden Revive Plus Customer Reviews


“I feel like…me again. Less pain, freedom of movement, and I’m able to be active again.”


-Mary O.


“With my job being very physical, my knees take a beating and always hurt. Since I’ve started Golden Revive+ I’ve noticed a lot less knee pain.”


-Richard R.


“I lost my thyroid five years ago, and have been very sore since then. Now, after taking Golden Revive for 2 weeks, I no longer feel any of the pain. All the inflammation has gone away. Thanks, Golden Revive!”


-Jeanie L.


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Golden Revive Plus Frequently Asked Questions


How long after starting to take GR+ can I expect to experience results?


Most people notice improvement within a few days. The effectiveness of the product tends to build over the first several weeks of taking regular doses and maximal results are expected after three months.


Should I take it with food?


Ideally, GR+ is taken between meals for maximum effectiveness. If there is any nausea or upset stomach (which are rare), taking it with meals is acceptable.


Are there any side effects of Golden Revive Plus?


GR+ is extremely safe and well-tolerated. Very occasionally people might notice some nausea or upset stomach, which can usually be prevented by taking the product with food.


Does Golden Revive+ interact with other medications?


In general, the ingredients in GR+ all play nicely with others and the formula is safe to take with most prescription and over-the-counter medications. Most people who use GR+ are trying to reduce their usage of prescription or over-the-counter anti-inflammatory medications but they can be safely taken together. People who are taking prescription blood thinners should consult with their physician before taking GR+.


What is the recommended daily dosage?


The recommended dose of GR+ is one capsule twice daily which works well for most people. Some people like to start with a higher "loading dose" of two capsules twice daily for the first two weeks and then decrease to the maintenance dose of one capsule twice daily after that. For a more severe or acute pain flare, GR+ can be taken at a maximum dose of two capsules three times daily.


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Final Verdict – Golden Revive Plus Reviews


Golden Revive Plus is an all-natural pain relief supplement manufactured based on scientific evidence of the properties of the ingredients. According to the manufacturing company, it contains no addictive substances, no fillers, no artificial preservatives, soy and gluten-free, and vegetarian-friendly. There are no known or recorded side effects based on recent consumer reviews.


If you are tired of dependence on pain medications and struggling with their side effects then this natural pain relief supplement may be a good decision for you.


If you decide to purchase, do so using any of the links in this Golden Revive Plus review to access the official website.


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Many young and old individuals tend to shy away from physical exercises due to an excruciating discomfort in their muscles and joint. This can be frustrating for sport lovers as they cannot partake in any sporting activities. A stiff and painful joint usually limit the extent of movements during exercise, requiring extra energy and it normally end in worsen conditions.


Muscular and joint stiffness and chronic inflammatory pains are always difficult to endure. It can negatively affect quality of your life. Conventional pain killers are not advisable in managing such inflammation as the usage of these medications has a terrible after-effect and short-term result. The nearest alternative in treatment of inflammatory pain and rigidity is surgery but surgery is not cost-effective and requires courage


This supplement claims to support joint health and joint pain relief using natural ingredients. It has the power to provide you with fast-acting relief from a myriad of health problems.  Golden Revive Plus promote easy movement, and has a remarkable feature, it contains no chemicals that may create any nasty side effects.  This Golden Revive Plus Review contains everything you need to know about this product.


NOTE: Golden Revive Plus Is Available For Purchase At The Official Website



Golden Revive Plus is a supplement manufactured to help those who suffer from all kind of joint pain and rigidity. It comes in form of capsule rather than serum, which makes its usage easy and efficient.


This product contains ingredients like turmeric that has a positive effect in relieving joint pains. Dr. Joshua Levitt of UpWellness also referred to as “the doctor of inflammation”, is major producer of this supplement. He claims that Golden Revive + is a mini-second trick to grease your stiff and creaky joints.


Unlike other anti-inflammatory drugs, Golden Revive + has a natural root. This gives it a nutritional value and makes it free from any side effect. This health product is inspired by the Himalayan Sherpas’ traditional healing procedure.  Its ingredients can be sourced naturally, and this natural solution enables painless mobility and supports the musculoskeletal system.



Golden Revive Plus provides several health benefits that give the user an opportunity to participate in physical exercises. Some of this health benefits are pain relief, healthy and flexible joints, improved body mobility, improved circulation and healthy vision.


This supplement is primarily created to support the musculoskeletal system. It helps out the joint and the muscular structures by addressing the three major causes of pain: inflammation, muscle tension, and fibrosis. According to the producers of this product, the Golden Revive Plus is designed to work on the IMF (inflammation, muscle tension and fibrosis) protocol.


Golden Revive Plus makes use of special ingredients like turmeric to target ongoing inflammations. Turmeric has been proven to resolve many inflammations, and many people take turmeric supplements daily for inflammation. Turmeric in the Golden Revive Plus gives it that anti-inflammatory effect it has and it`s awesome as seen in many Golden Revive + reviews.



Golden Revive Plus is designed by Dr. Joshua Levitt. He is a Naturopathic Doctor and the founder of UpWellness. He also works for a natural family medicine clinic in Connecticut named Whole Health.


Dr. Levitt bagged a degree in physiology from UCLA, a doctorate in naturopathic medicine from Bastyr University, and he did his residency program in integrative medicine in Seattle. He has 20 years of clinical experience. Dr. has written many books, articles and videos on naturopathic medicine which has the potentials of providing solutions to some health problems that are yet to be solved by modern medicine.



It is very important to check out the ingredients of any product that is health related before making a demand. When it comes to relieving joint pains, Golden Revive Plus is the result. Its natural ingredients differentiate it from its rivals.


Golden Revive Plus makes use of the following ingredients to target joint pain:


Turmeric: This is the most important component of this product; Dr. Levitt believes that turmeric hits every target in the chemical chain reaction of chronic inflammation, which gives its ant-inflammatory effects. Turmeric has a similar anti-inflammatory effect like the NSAIDs but what differentiate it from NSAIDs is that they have minimal side effects because of their natural source. He also claims that turmeric in Golden Revive Plus “puts out the fire of inflammation and silences pain” and can “work the same way as rug foes”. This product contains a specified type of turmeric called BCM-95. This BCM-95 is used to target the NF-KB which is responsible for most inflammatory enzymatic activity.


Boswellia: Its major component is boswellic acid, which is also known as Indian frankincense. Boswellia Serreta has an herbal extract found in many joint relief supplements. This ingredient promotes the flow of blood to joints and therefore reducing inflammatory process in such joints.


Boswellia is one of the most clinically studied ingredients on the list. It has been proven by scientific research considering its efficacy as an anti-inflammatory agent. Inflammatory agents like leukotrienes can be inhibited by the use Boswellia. It improves the immune system and is gainfully used in osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis and inflammatory bowel disease.


Magnesium: magnesium is abundant in the food supplement which explains the reduction in magnesium deficiency currently. It is a crucial mineral that is found as a component of this supplement. They act as an antioxidant by clearing harmful radicals from the body system. It also functions by lowering the synthesis of NMDA chemical that increases pain.


Magnesium plays a major role in stabilizing the musculoskeletal system, most especially the bone cell. It aids the contraction and relaxation of the muscles. People with deficiency of magnesium are exposed to inflammatory diseases. However, higher magnesium has an antioxidant property that inhibits arthritic attacks and promotes cardio respiratory fitness.


Piperine:  This ingredient helps in assimilation of essential vitamins and nutrients by enhancing their bioavailability. It is derived from Black Pepper and it has an antioxidant effect. Piperine is very effective in improving inflammatory process.


Bromelian: This is an anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving enzyme. Bromelain is a protein-digesting enzyme that contains anti-fibrotic effects. This element increases the flow of blood to make motion easier. Bromelian is found in pineapples, and it’s linked to pain-relieving properties. Just like other ingredients of Golden Revive Plus, Bromelian helps in joint pain and joint stiffness relief.


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Below are some benefits associated with this supplement:


Flexible movements: The anti-inflammatory property of Golden Revive Plus helps in reinforcing joints and muscles that are affected by inflammation. This promotes healthy living by encouraging the practice of physical activities.


Adequate nutrition: Golden Revive Plus provides adequate nutrition required for muscular tissues re-growth. It also provides maximum energy that the muscles use during physical exercises.


Quality sleep: Severe pain can affect sleeping pattern because of its increasing discomfort and making sleep harder. Golden Revive Plus has the ability to alleviate pain and make sleep enjoyable.


Smooth skin look: Golden Revive Plus nourishes the skin and retracts the indicators of aging. This is possible because of antioxidants and bioflavonoid properties.



Anyone suffering from any form of musculoskeletal problems can benefit from this product. Once you involve in any sporting activity you are qualified to make use of Golden Revive Plus. It alleviates the symptoms of the motor system and support the musculoskeletal health in general. Individual already on pain medication should consult their doctor before starting the use of Golden Revive Plus. This supplement can be taken post-surgery for people that underwent knee, back, or hip surgery.



The body is able to feel pain due to biochemical processes in the body that are expedited by a certain NF-KB protein that is part of the REL protein group. Golden Revive Plus is required to address the main causes of pain which include inflammation, muscle stress, and fibrosis. The product can be taken 4 capsules per day: 2 in the morning and 2 in the evening. A relatively safe way would be to start with two capsules a day and then increase the dosage to 4 capsules a day after two weeks. The maximum amount of Golden Revive Plus the body can take is 6 capsules a day and anything higher than this will cause a serious side effects. This has be stated in many online golden revive plus reviews.


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Pregnant women must not take Golden Revive Plus as it accelerates menstrual flow by increasing blood flow in the uterus and pelvis, increasing the risk of miscarriage.


Users of Golden Revive Plus often complain of dizziness, skin rashes, short-lived acid refluxes, and nausea. People that are sensitive to pineapples develop allergy to Golden Revive Plus due to bromelain has a pineapple derivative.


In rare cases, Golden Revive Plus might interfere with the effects of other anti-inflammatory drugs due to its Boswellia-rich content. This ingredient interacts with NSAIDs and produces a synergic effect.



This dietary supplement made by UpWellness can be purchased from the company’s official website. Golden Revive Plus comes in different packages:


One bottle cost $57

Three bottles cost $135 ($45 for each bottle)

Six bottles cost $198 ($33 each bottle)


You can enjoy an amazing discount when you purchase extra bottles. It is advice to take this supplement consistently for 2-3 months for you to enjoy the benefit that comes with it.


First time buyers enjoy free shipping when they purchase this supplement from their official website. UpWellness company practice a refund policy that guarantees the return of money if a buyer doesn’t get maximum satisfaction from the product. A full 60-day money-refund always backs your purchase.


Buy Your Own Golden Revive From The Official Website Here



Q: What can users of Golden Revive Plus stands to benefit from it?


A: This supplement improves all forms of inflammatory process and in general promotes body wellbeing.


Q: How accessible is Golden Revive Plus?


A: You can access this supplement from the company’s official website only.


Q: How much is one month supply of Golden Revive Plus Cost?


A: You can get Golden Revive Plus at a reduced price of $57 for one month’s supply.


Q: Does Golden Revive Plus have any major side effect?


A: This supplement doesn’t have a major side-effect, it only have constitutional side effect that is caused by the pineapple derivative of one its ingredients.


Q: What is the recommended duration of usage for Golden Revive Plus?


A: To enjoy the long-term benefits, it should be taken daily for a minimum of 2-3 months.



Golden Revive Plus is a turmeric supplement created by Dr. Joshua Levitt and his team at UpWellness Company. The supplement contains turmeric and other ingredients to support inflammation and joint pain.


During inflammation, chemicals called cytokines are released and this chemical causes the pain that comes with inflammatory process. Golden Revive Plus prevents the release of these chemicals, therefore reducing pain during inflammation. It also has the ability to re-grow and strengthen muscles for people that engage in sporting activities.


Pain management has been a disturbing issue as most available options have a major side effect. However, as opposed to surgical procedures and prescription medications, this should be a more safe method of managing joint pain, according to some.


The use of this product is not limited; it can be taken by anyone both young and old benefit from this supplement. The supplement is pocket-friendly as its ingredients are locally sourced. Dr. Levitt has special interest in pain management, which made him go extra miles to design this product that targets inflammatory process.


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