A Closer Look At Cupshe's Swimwear Collection

You're skeptical because the Cupshe Swimsuits brand has been hacked all over the internet. The challenge is whether low-cost swimwear can be of good quality, fit, and value. Does anyone who isn't as skinny as the internet model look decent in these clothes? I've tried eight different Cupshe swimsuits roughly for my body type. Take a look at these, as well as my candid Cupshe swimsuit review!

Cupshe Bathing Suits: Everything You Need to Know

I glanced up Cupshe's website when they contacted me to give me some of their bikinis, and I was immediately doubtful of their credibility. They're all under $30 a piece. This immediately alerted me to the idea that anything I received would be sloppy, poorly constructed, and of poor quality. I had nothing to lose except my time because they were giving me free bikinis to try on. I wanted to put the Cupshe swimsuits to the test to verify that my Cupshe swimsuit review was fully unbiased. What a brilliant decision!


Cupshe swimsuits have been in my closet for over a year, and I've worn them all over the world. Every vacation, I carry one of my Cupshe bikinis with me. Definitely some of my fave swimsuits! Are you looking for a new swimming suit for your upcoming vacation? This review includes 7 reasons why you should get your hands on a Cupshe bikini!


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Cupshe's swimsuits are quite reasonably priced.

First and foremost, I must note the Cupshe pricing in my review. Cupshe swimsuits are all under $30 (with the majority being closer to $25), so you can STOCK UP without breaking the bank. Prior to Cupshe's arrival, I had probably just a few bikinis in my closet. I've bought more than a dozen Cupshe bikinis in the previous several years, and I want to keep buying them! Cupshe swimsuits are so affordable that you won't feel bad about stocking up on them. It's been such a joy to finally be that girl on vacation with a variety of bikinis to chose from!


The one pictured here is my second favorite Cupshe swimsuit. The contrast between stripes and flowers is fantastic, and the brilliant colors really pop! It was the perfect swimsuit for my trip to Miami.


Cupshe Offers a Vast Selection of Swimming Suits.

The next topic in my Cupshe review is fashion! There are so many fantastic selections in each of Cupshe's swimsuit categories that you'll never run out of choices. Cupshe has a large selection of bikinis to pick from if you're seeking for a new one.


Although the floral bathing suit with a plunging neckline I'm wearing is currently out of the sale, Cupshe's website has several similar options. This piece also includes one of my favourite flowery bikinis from their website.


With regular delivery, all of Cupshe's swimsuits ship for free!

All Cupshe swimsuits come with free standard shipping, so you can save even more money. Customers in the United States can expect delivery in 7-10 days on average. You can get free expedited delivery if you spend $40 or more. Expedited shipping takes 6-8 business days, but if you're inside the free shipping limit, it'll just cost you $3!


Cupshe's International Shipping Policies are available here.

This orange and white ribbon one-piece swimsuit by Cupshe is a fan favourite. In a poll, this bathing suit beat out three others that I own (some of which cost more than $200). This bikini has great colour blocking and a flattering fit. By clicking on the links in this paragraph, you may find this bikini as well as a few of my favourite Cupshe colour block bikinis.


Cupshe bathing suits fit true to cup size.

This Cupshe review would be incomplete without addressing the issue of swimming suit sizing. I can wear anything from small to large depending on the brand. Cupshe one-piece swimsuits are true to size. I usually wear a medium or an 8 in clothing, so I'm a medium in their bikinis. If you've ever bought cheap clothing and the size chart says you're a one, you'll know you need to go up a size when you open the package and find it's too tiny.


Cupshe swimsuit, on the other hand, hasn't experienced this issue! Everything I've bought has fit just according to the size chart, and it's been a delight to wear them!


I'd recommend sticking with the one-pieces for folks who wear a different top size than a bottom size because they're sold separately.


Cupshe Swimsuits of Surprisingly High Quality Can Be Found.

I decided to mention this in my Cupshe review since when it comes to choosing clothing, quality is quite important! I was concerned that Cupshe's swimsuit would be of poor quality when I ordered it. Most of the clothing produced by low-cost overseas manufacturers is of poor quality, and you can't expect much more when you're only paying $25 for a bikini. When my first order from Cupshe arrived, it contained three bikinis, and I was pleasantly surprised to find that they were of excellent quality for the price. Cupshe bikinis are built to last, even if they don't look as fantastic as a $200 swimsuit.


In this photo, I'm wearing my very favorite Cupshe swimsuit, the Eve one-piece scalloped swimsuit. I adore how flattering the fit is and how scalloped the detail is. I was scared it might be see-through because it's white, but it's neatly lined and completely opaque when wet!


Cupshe is one of my favorite artists, as you can tell from this post! Cupshe bikinis were supplied to me for free last year, and I was so thrilled with them that I felt obligated to give you all an honest Cupshe review. Cupshe swimsuits are not only affordable, but they also come in a range of styles to accommodate all body types and provide generous return policies if you are unhappy with your purchase. By purchasing a couple of bikinis through Cupshe, you can save a lot of money on your next beach trip.