What are the common Epson printer errors and how to resolve them?

What are the common Epson printer errors and how to resolve them?


Epson is a top multinational electronics company and is best known for manufacturing advanced and multifunctional Epson printers. These printers offer excellent printing service with good speed. The user can easily connect the Epson printer to any device and take the printouts easily. But the users can easily get errors while using the Epson device. Most of the Epson printer errors get resolved easily. 


Troubleshooting common Epson printer errors


Can’t connect to the Epson printer

Lots of people get Epson connection errors. Most of the connection errors appear in wireless printer connections. For PC devices, you can connect to the printer using the cable. But if the printer is not connecting then check the cable ends. If your cable is damaged then replace it. Use another USB port for connecting the printer. You should only use a high-speed USB cable for connecting the printer. For wireless printer connection, the user needs to check the router. Go to the router and restart it. Now check your Epson printer device and then restart the Wi-Fi button. The printer will start searching for the available connection. Check for the SSID of your Epson printer. Hit on the correct SSID and then your printer will get connected to the router. Now go to the device that is connected to the same network. Tap on Add Device and select Printer. Choose your Epson printer and now you can take the printouts.


The printer is not available 

Whenever your printer shows not available status, you should run the printer troubleshooter. On Windows devices, you get an inbuilt troubleshooter tool. Go to the Update and Security tab. Click on Troubleshooter and choose Printer. Now run the printer troubleshooter and it will start searching for all the printer-related files. If any of the files are not working, this troubleshooter tool will fix it. You have to wait until the files get fixed. Now go to the PC and check for the printer status. If your Epson printer is available; you can take the printouts easily.


Epson printer communication error

A user can get a communication error Epson when its driver is not working correctly. Your printer needs a driver to communicate with the PC. When you send a print command; the driver conveys the command to the printer. Without the driver, your Epson printer can’t read your commands. To fix the communication error, you should check the driver. Go to the computer and click on the Epson driver. Tap on the Update button and wait until the printer driver gets updated. After updating, your printer will start communicating with the printer. In case the printer driver is corrupted, you should reinstall it on your computer. Remove the corrupted printer setup from the device. Now check the Epson printer model name and number. Go to Epson’s website and search for the printer driver. Install the correct printer driver for your Epson printer and then restart the device. Now send a new print job to your Epson device and try to take the printouts.


The printer is giving faded printouts

Whenever the print starts printing in poor quality, check for the ink cartridges. Printer’s ink quality ruins if the cartridges have little ink. Go to the cartridges and check the ink level. If the level is low then replace it immediately. Go to the printer and remove the empty ink cartridge. Now take the new cartridge and install it correctly. You will also get faded printouts if you are using clone cartridges. Original cartridges are a bit costly but provide excellent printouts. Clone cartridges not only provide faded printouts but can also harm the printer. Instead of purchasing a clone cartridge, you can purchase the ink. Now take out the empty cartridge and then refill the ink. Reinstall the cartridge on the printer and now take the printouts. 

You should also check for the printing mode. For taking high-quality printouts, change the mode to high. Now send the print job and take the printout easily. The printer won’t print correctly if the printhead is clogged. The printer’s head can get clogged with the dried ink. You have to clean the printer’s head to get good printouts. Go to the printer’s utility tool and click on Clean Printhead. Follow the screen commands and clean the printhead. After cleaning, retry the steps 2-3 times and then your printer will start printing in better quality.


The printer stopped working unexpectedly

Some people reported that their Epson printers stopped unexpectedly. This problem often occurs when the user is taking lots of printouts with a single printer simultaneously. The printer has a fuser that fuses the ink into the paper using heat and pressure. But when the printer is running simultaneously for a long time, the fuser gets overheated. It stops automatically for cooling. You have to wait until the fuser cools down. But if the fuser gets completely burnt then you have to replace it. Get a new fuser for your printer device and then take the printouts.


Epson printer is running slow

Printer speed issues appear when the printer device gets old. After some time, the printer's speed started to decrease. But there can be other reasons behind the poor printer speed. If you are using a wireless connection then you will notice the change in printing speed. You get better printing speed in a wired connection. For good speed, only use high-speed cable on the printer. In the wireless connection, you can increase the speed by placing the Epson printer near the router. Another way to increase the speed is by changing the printing mode. Go to the printer settings and check the printing mode. Change the printing mode to Draft. Now the printer will start printing documents of low quality. But the printing speed will increase. Using this mode for taking colored printouts is not recommendable. But you can take black and white printouts at a very good speed. 


The printer is not working

If the printer is not working or taking any print command, reset it. Your printer may show issues when the user has changed some of the settings. To fix those changes, the user can reset the printer device. Shut down your Epson printer and now press and hold the reset button. Now press the power button while holding the reset button. You will get a reset message on the printer screen. After resetting the printer, reconfigure it with the PC and take the printouts.