Public Administration for IAS is the best choice for you if you are preparing for the UPSC Exam 2022 without leaving any stone unturned. This subject is not only a scoring one for the UPSC exam but also plays a great role in making the IAS officers understand the mechanism of Public Administration. This subject will also help you to get prepared for the interview. In the interview of the Civil Services Examination, the questions based on the Public Administration UPSC are often asked by the interviewer, 

Public Administration as optional for UPSC is the best choice for you if you are weak in mugging up the dates and facts. It will give you a vast scope for understanding and analyzing the subject.

For doing the IAS exam preparation, you should get the proper guidance from the experts. 

Students recommend the following tips while planning the Public Administration Optional Strategy so that you will be able to crack the exam on your first attempt.


  • Deep Study - While preparing for the Public Administration optional, you should do a deep study of the subject as this subject is highly competitive and therefore, you should not write down the common answers while attempting the paper. Deep learning and understanding the subject can help you to score better.
  • Prepare Notes - You should make the small and analytical notes of the Public Administration course so that you will be able to revise the most difficult concepts easily.
  • Improve Writing Skills - You should practice the assignments to crack the exam. You can get many Public Administration test series online to improve your writing skills. If you have good writing skills along with in-depth knowledge of the subject, you will get more chances to crack the UPSC exam.
  • Read the Newspapers- You should keep yourself updated on current affairs. You should read the best newspapers in India to get more informative study material for the exam. You should read the
  •  editorials of The Hindu and The Indian Express to get the vast ocean of knowledge.
  • Government Reports - You can do the government reports on the public administrative reforms. This report will help you to include the current facts and statistical data in your answers to the Public Administration optional paper.