Interior Designer In Ahmedabad | Divine Core Interors |Renovating your ancestral home? Here’s how to keep it traditional

Wooden furniture with contemporary furnishings

One of the staple materials used in traditional furniture is wood. Your ancestral home will probably have several wooden pieces of furniture. An effective idea of renovating these pieces while keeping the vintage essence intact is adding some new pieces of furniture with more contemporary materials such as velvet. If you want to start from the beginning, we recommend solid wood pieces with trendy furnishings. 


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Dining area makeover 


In the olden times, most Indian families sat on the floor to have their meals. You may or may not have a dining set in your ancestral home. However, it is an essential piece of furniture that can bring the whole family together. You can pick a traditional, yet trendy dining set like the one below, which is big enough to accommodate your family. If the space is not enough, you can always add a few more chair and even a similar table. This way, you can have guests over for lunches and dinners and have space to accommodate them all.

Interior designer in ahmedabad -divine core interiors