Hair Revital X Reviews (Amazon): Hair Growth Supplement Ingredients & Side Effects!

Hair Revital X Reviews is a dietary supplement formula designed to promote healthy hair growth and prevent hair loss. Unlike regular oral solutions, the Hair Revital X Reviews formula targets the root cause of increased hair loss and growth problems. In turn, it offers an irreversible and permanent solution to your hair loss woes. 


Hair Revital X Introduction


Hair loss can bring a host of unfavorable effects to your life, whether it’s hair falling when shampooing or your partner failing to see your attractiveness anymore. Many people experience hair thinning and receding hair not because they are old. 


Instead, it is simply because something in their body may not be working right. This is where the Hair Revital X Reviews formula jumps in.  The supplement uses an ancient Seminole native tribe’s secret formula to target hair loss and thinning. 


This natural plant-based solution functions by jumpstarting the body’s ability to grow and regrow full, healthy hair. The nutrients in the plant solution target the hair follicle cells to kick start growth instantly. The plant-based solution goes to the root cause of hair loss and thinning, i.e., imbalanced hair loss hormones. 


The Hair Revital X  Reviews supplement is designed to work for anyone over 18 years old, whether a man or woman.  This in-depth Hair Revital X Reviews shares everything to know about the supplement to help you decide whether or not it works for you. 


Product Name:                         Hair Revital X Reviews


Category:                                 Hair


Main Benefits:                          Promotes hair growth and prevents hair loss


Ingredients:                             Saw palmetto, nettle leaf, pygeum bark, L-methionine, pantothenic acid, etc.


Administration Route:               Oral and topical


Dosage Instructions:                2 capsule per day for 30 days 


Results:                                   3-6 months


Alcohol Warning:                      No restrictions


Quantity:                                 60 capsules


Side Effects:                            No significant side effects reported


Price:                                      $49/bottle


Official Website:                      Click Here 


Who is the Creator of Hair Revital X?


The Hair Revital X Reviews formula was created by Dr. Ryan Shelton, NMD. Dr. Shelton is the medical director of Zenith Lab, a renowned manufacturer of doctor-formulated supplements tailored to tackle various body problems. An expert in natural medicine, Dr. Shelton juggles authoring best-selling remedy books and his medical practices in Hawaii. 


His science-backed treatment formulas have so far helped countless women and men reach their health goals. For the Hair Revital X Reviews, he issues ancient practices of the remote Seminole Indian tribe of central Florida to formulate a highly potent but safe hair loss remedy. 


How Does Hair Revital X Work?


Generally, hair growth stems from hair follicles. Each hair follicle goes through a growth cycle, with the first stage involving hair fallout and the second involving growth or regrowth. The body produces a hormone called dihydrotestosterone (DHT) to regulate growth during puberty. However, in adulthood, there’s not much need for it. 


However, sometimes, as you grow older, the body may produce too much DHT. High levels of DHT in the body interrupt the regrowth cycle of hair. The Hair Revital X Reviews supplement formula works as a DHT inhibitor to switch the hair growth cycle back on. The formula matches with DHT to think it has already sent the hair loss message, forcing it to dissolve before sending any messages to the hair follicle. 


What Are the Ingredients In Hair Revital X?


Here are the ingredients found in the Hair Revital X Reviews formula; 


Saw Palmetto


The primary secret ingredient found by the Seminole tribe, saw palmetto is a natural remedy found in palm trees. In fact, it is one of the most potent natural DHT inhibitors in the world. Saw palmetto is known to help shrink bald spots, increase hair growth and growth rate. Additionally, saw palmetto supports the natural hair growth cycle. 


While saw palmetto is the primary ingredient, it is important to remember that the Hair Revital X Reviews comes in two essential formulas. Each formula contains saw palmetto but differs in other ingredients and applications. The first formula is by taking capsules orally. The second formula involves applying the supplement directly to your scalp. 


The oral supplement combines three ingredient blends to optimize and accelerate its results.  Here are the ingredients for the Oral supplement; 


Anti-Genetics Blend


Hair Revital X Reviews tackles hair loss at the genetic level. Hair loss is deep in your genes. This blend counteracts the genetic short straw to boost DHT inhibition and free your hair follicles. Ingredients include;


  • Nettle leaf extract: nettle leaf extract complements saw palmetto in reducing DHT levels and increasing the amount of follicle cells to grow more hair.


  • Pygeum extract: Pygeum bark extract targets DHT in the body to deactivate it and stimulate hair growth.


  • L-Methionine: An essential amino acid, this compound maintains a healthy DHT level in the body. 


Regrowth Extender Blend


In a healthy body, hair follicles spend about 83% of their time in the shedding stage and only 17% in the growth stage, according to the official Hair Revital X Reviews site. Using the regrowth extender blend helps increase this time by shortening the follicle shedding stage and increasing the growth stage. 


With more time spent on the regrowth stage, these ingredients also help to promote thicker, stronger, and denser hair. Hair Revital X Reviews Ingredients include vitamin A palmitate, phytosterols from sunflower, pantothenic acid (vitamin B5), and zinc. 


Healthy Hair Blend


This third blend seals the deal by ensuring you regrow healthier and shimmering hair. The blend includes L-cysteine and Vitamin B6. L-cysteine nourishes the tissues and cells, while vitamin B6 promotes its absorption. Combined, the two compounds prolong the cellular and follicle life to keep your hair young, hydrated, and healthy. 


This blend also includes folic acid and biotin. These ingredients support healthy hair tissues, nails, and skin. The two compounds ensure your hair receives adequate oxygen and hydration for healthier growth, less breakage, and less graying.  


The topical supplement combines four ingredient blends to optimize and accelerate its results.  Here are ingredients for the topical supplement; 


Anti-Genetics Blend


The anti-genetics blend in the topical formula works the same way as that in the oral supplement. In addition to saw palmetto, the formula includes rosemary and Carthamus thistle extract.Similar to saw palmetto, these two compounds help to inhibit DHT further. 


Regrowth Extender Blend


The regrowth extender blend helps lengthen follicles’ regrowth stage to ensure hair grows back to the maximum level and speed. Ingredients include;


  • Apigenin: a compound found in parsley and chamomile, apigenin triggers cell growth by extending the follicle regrowth stage.


  • Centella: also called pennywort, Centella extends the follicle growth phase and increases the expression of hair growth-related gene signatures. 


Healthy Hair Blend


The healthy hair blend helps you grow healthier, thicker, and shimmering hair while preventing graying. Ingredients include;


  • Biotinoyl tri-peptide 1: This compound is responsible for providing anti-aging effects on the follicles so you can have younger looking hair.


  • Panax: Panax helps prolong cellular life and keep hair younger for longer. 


Deep Absorption Blend


The deep absorption blend is added to the topicals to aid other ingredients’ absorption, making sure they penetrate the skin barrier. Ingredients in this blend include;


  • Butylene glycol: an organic alcohol compound found in fruits and vegetables, butylenes glycol is an excellent absorption agent. It’s even used in moisturizers, sunscreens, and shaving creams.


  • Lecithin: extracted from egg yolks, sunflower seeds, or soybeans, lecithin promotes deep absorption and is typically used in homemade hand lotions.


  • Capsaicin: extracted from red peppers, this compound is commonly used in topical painkillers. It helps stimulate and repair nerves and cells while allowing easy and quick skin absorption. It gives the topical supplement a warm sensation when applied to the skin.


What Is The Recommended Dosage for Hair Revital X?


Hair Revital X Reviews supplements have a daily recommended dosage of two capsules per day with water for the oral formula and a single application on the scalp daily for the topical formula. Hair X Revital doesn’t have any serious side effects. 


However, you are still advised to stick to the dosage limit to prevent mild complications. There is no official timeframe for taking and applying the supplements. But, as a general rule of thumb, it is advised to take the Hair Revital X Reviews capsules and apply the topical ointment for at least three to six months for maximum results. 


On the other hand, people with an existing condition are advised to consult a physician before taking the supplements. The same advice is extended to people on prescribed medication or following treatment plans. Pregnant women, nursing mothers, and those under 18 are advised against using the supplements. 


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How Much Does Hair Revital X Cost?


Hair Revital X Reviews Available in the UK, Usa, Canada, Australia and more countries. Hair Revital X Reviews package (oral and topical formula) costs about $79 per Bottle. But, currently, you can purchase a single bottle at a discounted price of $59. Additionally, you can save more on your purchase if you buy the supplements in bundles, such as:


  • The Most Popular Package (3 Bottles): $45 per Bottle ($135)


  • The Best Value Package (6 Bottles): $39 per Bottle ($234) 


With the best value package, you will save up to $240, paying only $234 instead of $473. Furthermore, purchasing a single bottle means that you pay the $19.95 shipping fee. If you opt for the popular or best value package, shipping is free. But, a shipping charge plus taxes and customs fees apply to international orders. Shipping within the US takes no more than 7 days, while international shipping takes no more than 15 days. 


Hair Revital X Reviews – Final Verdict


The Hair Revital X Reviews supplement offers a great way to beat your hair loss and growth issues. Unlike contemporary remedies, this hair remedy doesn’t contain any dangerous chemicals. It uses a natural formula taken orally and topically to reverse any damage. Plus, it comes with a risk-free 180-day refund policy. So, you can always ask for your refund if it doesn’t work out. Visit Hair Revital X Official Website Using This Link.