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Given the poor hiring climate many workers, that are lucky enough to still be employed, are simply grateful that they are. Because of this, now hardly seems like a time to analyze and rate your employer to see if this is a good place to work or not.

Among the consequences of the Great Recession is that the workforce is less concerned about personal career goals and more accommodating to our bosses since they have been benevolent enough to keep us on the payroll. This is the attitude we should have during down-economic times, right?

Key Corporate Initiatives

For the professional wanting to be positioned with a strategic and forward-looking organization, there are a couple of key corporate initiatives to look for and look out for. When I hear from some clients about how they are treated by supervisors or about the lack of operational discipline displayed by their employers I'm amazed these places are still in business. Mismanagement, paranoia, intimidation, poor communication, and in some cases downright rudeness are all in full swing.

Strategic Components

Enlightened and enterprising expertise will be looking for companies that get it. Among the most important strategic components are employers' talent management and continuous learning programs.

Human Capital Management Solutions that are serious about quality recruitment, onboarding, retention, succession planning, and employee development are the businesses most likely to not only attract and keep high-caliber talent but are in a better position to succeed. Among the specifics, employees want to see institutionalized are.


Watching also for leadership that intelligently attempts to determine necessary metrics for driving decision-making is a sign of an attractive employer. You can't manage it if you can't measure it. Therefore, managing talent requires innovative and effective means of judging the efficiencies of interventions such as those mentioned above.

Final Words

So don't let the recession be an excuse for putting your career development on hold. Find those employers who want to build continuous improvement learning organizations by rewarding employee advancement in a comprehensive way. And if you're fortunate to work for such a company give them all that you have. For they too should be rewarded for being such a great place to work.