EZ Digest is a cutting-edge supplement that contains a potent blend of natural ingredients to help cleanse the colon and improve digestion.


The immune system, brain health, and weight gain can all be affected by digestive and colon health issues. These include bloating, nausea, and pain in the stomach. The importance of a healthy digestive system has never been greater.


EZ Digest Reviews  may be a good choice if you’ve recently gained a lot of weight or have digestive problems on a regular basis.


What exactly is ez Digest?


SmoothDigest.com is the only place where ez Digest can be purchased.


Anyone can rejuvenate their colon “by eliminating impurities that negatively affect its lining” by taking two capsules of ez Digest  daily, as stated on the official company website.


It was developed by a man named Kevin G, who added a blend of highly-concentrated, active superfood ingredients to help the formula achieve its intended effects.




“Perfect gut health” is what Kevin G. claims his supplement can achieve. One of the things he claims is that his formula has helped “thousands of people from around the world” improve their digestion and avoid various digestive issues. ez Digest Reviews  has been the subject of a clinical trial, which Kevin insists he conducted to demonstrate its efficacy.


SmoothDigest.com sells ez Digest for $69 per bottle. A 60-day money-back guarantee applies to all purchases.


How Does ez Digest Work?


ez Digest aims to provide the following five primary advantages:


Healthy Digestion: ez Digest claims to strengthen your digestive tract with a blend of “ancient Japanese medicines” to help you avoid constipation and diarrhea. In order to aid digestion in multiple ways, Kevin G, the man behind ez Digest, combined traditional herbal remedies with cutting-edge prebiotics and probiotics.


ez Digest claims to purify your colon with its Colon Detox supplement. Big intestine’s longest segment, the colon is made up of a number of sections. A healthy colon, with a length of over 5 feet, is essential to good health and well-being in general. Impurities in the intestinal wall are said to be removed, and this product claims to rejuvenate and restore health to the entire intestinal wall.


Additionally, the manufacturer claims that the supplement can reduce gas buildup and bloating. By taking ez Digest every day, it is claimed that fiber absorption can be improved. For a healthy colon, fiber is essential because it aids in the efficient passage of waste from the body.


Probiotics and superfoods purport to rebuild your intestinal flora, according to ez Digest. A healthy, well-balanced flora in the intestines is critical to good health. If you don’t have enough good bacteria in your intestines, your immune system, digestive health, nutrient absorption, and more can all be affected.


ez Digest is marketed primarily as a digestive aid, but it also claims to help you lose weight. Weight loss, endurance, and immunity are all aided by a healthy digestive system, so it’s much easier to shed those last few pounds.


Prevent Stomach Problems: ez Digest claims to protect your body from digestive issues and stomach-related problems. ez Digest claims to provide “greater immunity against indigestion and other stomach-related problems” when taken twice daily.


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ez Digest Ingredients


Anyone selling a colon cleanser supplement can make the claim that it promotes good digestion and overall good health. However, only the best supplements have proven ingredients and dosages that work. ez Digest’s formula includes the following nutrient-dense superfoods to distinguish it from other colon cleanser supplements:


Food supplements containing psyllium, a popular source of dietary fibre, are a common sight. Psyllium husk fiber absorbs water and softens the stool, making it easier for you to eliminate waste from your body. Diuretic psyllium, according to Kevin G., was imported from northern India for use in ez Digest. If you use ez Digest for an extended period of time, the psyllium in it will help lower cholesterol and blood sugar levels.


In traditional Chinese medicine, bentonite clay is used to cleanse the body. ez Digest Reviews  contains bentonite clay, as do many other colon cleansers. By binding with harmful bacteria and parasites in the stomach, the bentonite clay in ez Digest, according to Kevin, helps to cleanse and restore gut health throughout the digestive tract.


One of the most common sources of fiber in many digestive health supplements is black walnut hull extract. According to Kevin G., ez Digest Reviews  is “one of nature’s greatest superfoods,” containing anti-inflammatory properties as well as manganese, pantothenic acid, and other essential nutrients.


Fiber-rich flaxseed is a popular choice for people looking to supplement their diets with both fiber and omega-3 fatty acids. Flaxseeds are a good source of both fiber and omega-3 fatty acids. For optimal health, flaxseed provides your body with essential nutrients, according to ez Digest’s official website.


In addition to its soothing properties, aloe vera, which is found in ez Digest, also acts as a natural laxative. Aloe vera has been used for centuries to aid in the removal of waste from the bowels. Probiotic bacteria are said to live up to 25% longer in ez Digest Reviews  thanks to the aloe vera, which Kevin G. says helps break down sugars and fats.


A common probiotic strain is Lactobacillus acidophilus, which works to counteract the growth of harmful bacteria in the gut that can occur as a result of illness or antibiotic use. Toxic bacteria are filtered out by Lactobacillus acidophilus, which, like other probiotic bacteria, is a living organism that extracts nutrients from your food and helps keep your digestive system healthy.


Glucomannan is a type of fiber that comes from elephant yams. As ez Digest’s “primary food source” for probiotic bacteria, Kevin G. added glucomannan to the supplement (because it fuels your probiotic bacteria). Glucomannan forms bulk in your digestive tract after entering, helping you eliminate waste more easily and alleviating constipation (and more regularly). Flaxseed, black walnut, and psyllium fibers in ez Digest work in concert with glucomannan to promote healthy digestion.


ez Digest’s final fiber source is oat. When it comes to fiber, oats are an essential part of the North American diet because they contain a lot of it. Additionally, oats contain an antioxidant blend that helps lower cholesterol and strengthen the immune system, according to Kevin G.


To create a “scientifically sound formula,” ez Digest’s creator, Kevin G, claims to have sourced these ingredients “from non-GMO crops. ” It doesn’t matter what kind of background Kevin G. has in health care or nutrition; these ingredients will detoxify and rejuvenate the colon, he believes.


Proof that ez Digest works, according to science


Kevin G does not claim to be a nutritionist, doctor, or scientist, but rather the creator of ez Digest. In spite of this, he insists that he spent “4 years of research” on the formula’s development. Over 112,700 people have used his ezDigest digestive health supplement, which would make it one of the most popular colon cleanser supplements in human history.


Kevin believes his formula is risk-free because he has received no side effect reports from the thousands of people who have taken it.


According to Kevin, a large clinical trial has been completed on his supplement. Kevin mentions patients “no. 131 and no. 2677” from that trial, so it’s possible that thousands of patients participated in that study. Kevin would have had to spend millions of dollars on a clinical trial involving thousands of patients. Patients in that clinical trial, however, claimed to have experienced the following advantages:


One patient in the trial claims that ez Digest  Reviews  improved his digestion. This patient also claims that ez Digest helped him lose weight, and that he is now 150 pounds lighter as a result of using the product.


Ez Digest has helped another patient’s bowel movements improve over time, and the same patient says he no longer feels guilty about eating junk food.

Clinical trial participants, location, and type of control group are all unknown at this time. Who conducted the trial?


Kevin’s claims are backed up by third-party studies on the formula’s individual ingredients, despite the fact that he has not conducted his own research or published it in a peer-reviewed journal.


For overall health and well-being, fiber is essential. It is estimated that 95 percent of American adults do not meet their daily fiber requirement. Toxins can build up in your body if you don’t consume enough fiber to help eliminate waste. Constipation and other digestive issues can also be caused by a lack of fiber in the diet.


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Fiber intake was linked to a variety of health benefits in this 2010 study published in the journal Nutrients. Found to be essential for metabolic health, intestinal health, nutrient intake, and the production of gut hormones among many other critical functions. Multiple aspects of your health can be harmed if you don’t consume enough fiber in your diet. Getting enough daily fiber was found to make it easier to stick to a calorie-restricted diet in another study.


You should consume between 25 and 35 grams of fiber per day, depending on your age and gender. The majority of your fiber needs to come from food. Fiber supplements, like Metamucil and others, provide between 2g and 6g of additional fiber per serving. Psyllium, oat straw, and flaxseed are three of the five fiber sources in ez Digest, but the formula only contains 1.5g, making it weaker than other popular fiber supplements on the market today.


ez Digest, on the other hand, contains a number of other ingredients that may aid digestion. Aloe extract, for example, has been used as a natural laxative for centuries. Aloe, when applied topically or taken internally, can reduce inflammation, as well, according to the Mayo Clinic. 


Natural laxatives like prune extract are also found in ez Digest, which is linked to a healthy digestive system. Many people take prune extract on a regular basis for digestive health, as it is one of the most popular natural remedies for constipation and indigestion.


Natural laxatives and various fibers are all included in the ez Digest formula. Fiber and laxatives work together to bulk up your digestive tract and help your body’s natural digestion. A healthy digestive system and regularity can be achieved by combining these ingredients. However, a common fiber supplement like Metamucil could provide similar benefits (at higher doses).


This product’s makers say the ingredients “are proven to work regardless of age and current medical condition” in spite of the low fiber dosage. According to the official website, you can take ez Digest daily to support digestive health and cleanse your colon regardless of your current medical condition.


Label of the ez Digest Ingredients


The ingredients of ez Digest are made clear from the start. While ez Digest’s exact dosages are kept secret behind a proprietary formula, we are aware of the general composition and function of the supplement.


The following is a complete list of the ingredients found in ez Digest, as listed on the package:


1.5g of a proprietary blend with psyllium husk, bentonite clay, black walnut hull, oat bran, flaxseed, prune, aloe vera, Lactobacillus acidophilus, apple pectin, and glucomannan


Ingredients such as gelatin (to create the capsule), magnesium stearate, and silicon dioxide are all considered to be “inactive.”


There are two capsules in each serving of ez Digest  Reviews As a supplement for digestive and colon health, 2 capsules a day are recommended by the manufacturer.


Pricing for ez Digest


You can buy one bottle of ez Digest for $49 to $69, depending on the number of bottles you purchase.

The following is a breakdown of the costs for items purchased directly from the company’s website:


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$69 + $9.50 for a 30-day supply of one bottle. $177 + Free US Shipping for 3 Bottles (90 Day Supply)


Price: $294 for 6 bottles (enough for 180 days of use)


Capsules in each bottle are 60 in number (a 30 day supply).


Refund Policy for ezDigest.com


There is a 60-day moneyback guarantee from the manufacturer of ez Digest.


Within 60 days of your original purchase, you can request a refund on ez Digest, minus shipping costs. Within 48 hours of receiving your empty bottle or bottles of ez Digest, the manufacturer will issue a refund.


About ez Digest


According to the creator, Kevin G., the formula for ez Digest  Reviews was developed over the course of four years of research. To date, over 112,700 people have benefited from ez Digest’s digestive health benefits, making it one of the most popular dietary supplements in recent memory.


ez Digest’s creators can be reached at the following address:


Email: smoothdigest.com support


Toll-free phone number: 1-855-950-6431


St. Petersburg, FL 33709, 4606 49th Street North, Suite 67


There is very little information about Kevin G.’s medical history available online. A clinical trial of ez Digest, Kevin claims, is something that most companies selling colon cleanse supplements have not done.


The Last Word


In order to promote optimal gut health, ez Digest  Reviews  is marketed as a colon cleanser supplement. Every day, you’re supposed to lose weight, rejuvenate your colon and increase nutrient absorption by taking ez Digest.


A clinical trial conducted by the developers of ez Digest claims to have helped thousands of people restore colon health with the supplement. ez Digest contains natural ingredients like probiotics, fiber, and natural laxatives in order to achieve those benefits.


If you’d like to learn more about ez Digest or place an order, you can do so at SmoothDigest.com right now.






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