My Review: Ultimate Bone Support (2022) – Scam Or Worth The Side Effects?

It’s time to review Ultimate Bone Support – a supplement that is a little doubtful.


Do you think it will really help you to achieve healthy bones?


Or is it just a scam in the long run?


So let’s analyze the product to its every detail to answer all these questions.


Note: This review is based on my opinion + research on Ultimate Bone Support.


Review Summary


Full Name: Ultimate Bone Support by Advanced Bionutritionals®


Product Type: Bone Supplement


Best Actual Prize: Around $30


Cheapest Place To Buy: Official website


Designed For: Supporting bone health:


  • promotes collagen
  • improves bone growth
  • increases bone strength


My Rating: 4.5 out of 10


Recommended?: Not really – there’s quite a lot of red flags about it:


sketchy background

doubtful patterns

pricey for its value


I strongly suggest you to try the best bone supplement from the market instead, it’s way better. 


What I Liked About It


  • Comes with an official website
  • Has some major ingredients
  • Ingredients are good (on paper only)


What I Didn’t Like About It


  • Lacks authentic customer reviews
  • Some confusing website info
  • Expensive for its real quality
  • Doubtful background


Ultimate Bone Support In A Nutshell


At first, Ultimate Bone Support looks like a normal product.


It looks like a typical bone supplement to me.


But after studying its details, I found some red flags:


  • confusing website details
  • expensive for its credibility
  • limited real customer reviews
  • sketchy background


Now – the product has a decent formula but on paper only.


I said that because the disadvantages are strong pieces of evidence.


Also – it is said that it’s designed for women but there’s nothing really about it.


As of now, I didn’t see any complaints about adverse reactions.


But it’s not a good thing since it can make it more unpredictable/risky.


Lastly – 1 bottle (60 tablets) costs $29.95 which is a month’s supply (2 tablets/day).


But again, considering the other factors, I don’t think it’s worth buying.


Overall – I strongly recommend that you look for other alternatives instead.


#1 – Claims Producer


Firstly – I want to say right away that Ultimate Bone Support will have a short review.


You’ll find out later why but let me give you some info about it first:


  • the company behind
  • how it works
  • the health issues it helps


  1. Claims


Honestly – I haven’t seen much info from its official website.


The only notable description I saw was it was “designed for women.”


So if you’re curious, here’s what it promises to do:


  • improves bone health
  • deposits calcium to the bones
  • supports bone collagen
  • helps achieve healthy bones


Other than that, I haven’t seen any info if it’s gluten-free, dairy-free, vegetarian or soy-free.


Honestly – Ultimate Bone Support doesn’t have a very strong claim.


So the things I mentioned so far are just part of its descriptions.


But as of now, we know that it’s a supplement for women.


  1. Company Behind


As usual, I checked the company behind every product review.


The maker of Ultimate Bone Support is Advanced Bionutritionals®.


Now – I found some details from its website:


  • products vary from bone, digestion, antioxidant, liver, lung and a lot more
  • sell supplements for all over the body or overall health
  • contact info includes customer support number, email and mailing address


Now – the bottom of the website has a rating.


So I clicked the icon and it redirected me to the rating website.


To my surprise, the company is not Advanced Bionutritionals®.


But another name that’s totally different from being a medical company.


There could be a possibility that it’s a rebranded product.


Lastly, most of the complaints are about the product’s auto subscription and payments.


Honestly – it’s not a good sign for me especially if you’re dealing with a supplement.


Overall, I suggest you look for better alternatives with a solid background.


#2 – Ingredients (6 out of 10)


Now – Ultimate Bone Support has decent ingredients.


But there’s a high possibility that it’s on paper only:


  • vitamins and minerals
  • herbal extract


Ultimate Bone Support has low doses compared to other excellent bone supplements.


So judging it as early as now, it might work slower than expected.


Lastly – the description said that it’s designed for women.


But I didn’t really see anything special on the formula to prove that claim.


  1. Minerals


The overall formula has a lot of minerals so let’s start with it:


  • Zinc – reduces bone breakdown [1]
  • Copper – maintains healthy bones
  • Manganese – promotes bone development [2]
  • Boron – keeps the bones strong
  • Silicon – improves bone matrix [3]
  • Strontium – helps in reducing bone pain


So far, these compounds are great when it comes to helping bone health.


  1. Vitamins


Now – let’s define the major benefits of the compounds in this category:


  • Vitamin K2 (Menaquinone-7) – balances the protein for bones [4]
  • Cholecalciferol (Vit. D3) – helps calcium to be absorbed more [5]


Ultimate Bone Support has vitamins but in lower doses.


  1. Other Ingredients


I also want to mention the other essential compounds added in the supplement:


  • L-Lysine – helps the body to absorb calcium [6]
  • Hops Extract – reduces anxiety and inability to sleep [7]


In my view, it helps more in giving the body overall benefits.


Also – it helps a little the vitamins and minerals to be absorbed more.




To summarize Ultimate Bone Support’s formula, it really looks very decent.


But considering its background, I would say that it’s good on paper.


So overall – I’m not really impressed and I still think there are better alternatives.


#3 – Pills Dosage (3 out of 10)


Again – Ultimate Bone Support lacks some vital information.


So let me list down some details I have found after careful research:


  • looks like a white elongated tablet
  • it’s not a slim pill/caplet form
  • requires 2 tablets daily


Usually – I always advise people to take medicines with or after a meal.


It is to avoid having stomach cramps which are perfectly normal most of the time.


But for Ultimate Bone Support, there’s nothing more said about the usage instructions.


Normally – supplements should have a disclaimer for kids, pregnant and nursing women etc.


So to be honest, it’s a red flag for me again and I couldn’t recommend it.


Overall – I strongly suggest you to look for other options in the market.


#4 – Results (3 out of 10)


Now – I’m quite curious about how Ultimate Bone Support works.


So I looked for authentic customer comments to have different perspectives.


Unfortunately- I only found very few reviews about it.


Note: I only consider authentic reviews, not promotional/fake ones.


  1. What People Say


As usual – it has a lot of positive reviews from its official website.


But I don’t really rely on that since there’s a high chance of being biased.


I did my best and look for authentic testimonials from previous customers.


So here are  what I found after careful research:


  1. Most previous buyers complained about auto subscriptions and payments.
  2. There are customers who said that it works.
  3. Others didn’t receive their orders.
  4. Positive feedbacks were from 3rd party and official websites.
  5. Amazon comments look like a paid ad.
  6. Some said that the company has very poor customer service.


Now – the complaints are mostly on linked from the website.


So I think it’s very strong evidence that it might just be a rebranded product.


I couldn’t say more since there really isn’t a good comment about how it actually works.


Also – the payment complaints were resolved but it’s still not a good idea.


We all want smooth transactions so let’s avoid such problems at the start.




Overall –Ultimate Bone Support lacks authentic customer reviews.


So I think it’s more questionable now especially its effectiveness to the body.


Honestly, just find other options that are proven by many and are really helpful.


#5 – Side Effects (5 out of 10)


Again – Ultimate Bone Support has less info about it.

So I didn’t find any complaints about adverse reactions as of now.


However – a product like this one can perform any of the following:


  • helps to really improve bones
  • doesn’t do anything at all
  • can be really dangerous


So honestly – its effect is unpredictable and risky to try.


In my opinion, health is not something that you should underestimate.


Normally – side effects really happen but mostly, isolated cases.


Overall, I don’t recommend it (for now) since there are way safer options out there.


#6 – Price (3 out of 10)


If you ask me, Ultimate Bone Support is quite expensive for its value.


So to be completely honest, it’s not a good option for me.


  1. The Exact Price


Now – Ultimate Bone Support is available on Amazon.


But I prefer the prices and bundles on the official website:


  • 1 Bottle costs $29.95
  • 3 Bottles cost $79.95 ($26.65 each)
  • 6 Bottles + Free Shiping cost $149.70 ($24.95 each)
  • 100% Moneyback Guarantee (90 days)


So far – I didn’t see any subscription offers anymore.


The possible reason for removing it could be the past complaints.


I also want to mention that 1 Bottle has 60 tablets.


So if you follow the suggested product usage, it can last you a month.


The price is almost just the same as other bone supplements.


However – considering its other aspects, it’s quite pricey.


  1. Competitors’ Price


Let me give you a very good alternative, it’s my #1 recommended bone supplement.


I am talking about is called OsteoMD:


  1. OsteoMD’s formula has just the right strength and potency.
  2. It has a superior form of calcium and unique ingredients.
  3. Ultimate Bone Support has vitamins, minerals and essential compounds.
  4. But the formulation has low doses and can be risky.
  5. The suggested use of OsteoMD requires 3 capsules daily.
  6. Meanwhile, Ultimate Bone Support needs 2 tablets/day.
  7. OsteoMD costs $49.99 but can be bought for only $37 (best discount).
  8. Ultimate Bone Support costs $29.95 for 1 bottle (60 tablets).


Obviously – OsteoMD’s price is a little bit higher than Ultimate Bone Support.


But to be completely honest, it’s the better option since it’s superior in all aspects.


So if you have a budget of $30, just add a little more to get a safer product.


You’ll thank yourself later because you’ll surely get your money’s worth.




To sum up, Ultimate Bone Support is quite an expensive product.


Although it has the same price range as others, its credibility is questionable.


So might as well find a better alternative that will truly give you your money’s worth.


#7 – Final Conclusions


Finally – here are my summarized opinions about Ultimate Bone Support.


  1. Decent Formula


If you ask me, Ultimate Bone Support contains decent ingredients:


  • essential compounds
  • vitamins minerals


But don’t expect too much because it has lower doses.


Also – other factors make it good on the paper only.


  1. Questionable Background


In my view, a good product should have a legit background.


However – Ultimate Bone Support has questionable info.


Although it has a professional website, it’s still not that trustworthy.


Some of the info is confusing and some details are lacking.


  1. Quite Pricey


Now – I want to say right away that Ultimate Bone Support is pricey.


Most especially if you consider its other aspects and true value.


So in my opinion, it’s not a good investment of your money.


My Verdict – Worth It Or Not?


Short answer: Not really – there are some major disadvantages about it:


  1. Questionable background
  2. Limited authentic reviews
  3. Pricey for its true value
  4. Some confusing website details


Ultimate Bone Support contains some decent ingredients.


But again, its red flags make it look good on paper only.


Also – there are not enough testimonies to prove its claims.


So I strongly suggest you to go look for an alternative bone supplement.


What do I recommend instead? A product called OsteoMD:


  • Works safely and more potent
  • Many specialists recommend it
  • Has a superior form of calcium
  • Contains strong and unique compounds
  • Has scientific studies to back it up


These reasons prove that OsteoMD is better than Ultimate Bone Support.


So if you want to achieve healthy bones and get your money’s worth, get it instead.