All You Need to Know About Singapore Airlines' Baggage Policy

Singapore Airlines is widely known as one of the best airlines in the world, and it’s not hard to see why. The Singapore Airlines baggage policy, however, can be confusing for travelers because it often allows two options for each checked bag depending on whether or not you are flying business or economy class. In this article, we’ll break down all the details of Singapore Airlines’ baggage policy so you can always count on having your luggage with you when you arrive at your destination. Let’s start with...


What are the basics?

It's not complicated, but there are a few things you should know. First, Singapore Airlines Flights Booking allow two checked bags per passenger. These bags are limited to a maximum weight of 32kg (70lb). Additionally, passengers flying in Economy Class can bring one carry-on bag with them; those in Business or First Class can bring two carry-ons. Finally, if your flight is less than five hours long and you don't have any checked bags, you're allowed to bring a small personal item like a laptop case on board. Check out Singapore Airlines full list of baggage rules here .


How much hand baggage can I bring on board?

Singapore Airlines baggage policy states that passengers are entitled to bring 2 pieces of hand luggage on board in addition to your standard cabin baggage allowance. In total, each passenger is allowed a maximum of 7kg per piece. These bags must fit under your seat in front of you and cannot exceed 36x28x20cm. Larger items such as surfboards, suitcases and musical instruments are not permitted unless they are listed as an exception on Singapore Airlines’ website. Hand luggage should be fastened so it doesn't present a safety risk or impede boarding or exiting during flight.


Why should I pay an extra fee if I have too many bags?

Oversized and overweight Singapore Airlines baggage is one of the biggest contributors to delayed flights, so it’s only fair that passengers who cannot fit all their belongings in their suitcase or on board with them should pay an extra fee. This policy applies even if you paid for Singapore Airlines ticket in full. If you have too many bags, you may be charged $100 per additional bag. If your suitcase weighs more than 32kg (70lb), you will be charged $200 per kg over 32kg. Additionally, fliers with more than six pieces of luggage will have them charged at a higher rate of $100 per bag and $5 per additional kilogram above 80kg (176lb). But what are your rights when it comes to carry-on bags?


I've paid for extra baggage, why do I need to pay again when going through security?

Singapore Air baggage recently announced that they'll now charge passengers for every extra bag they bring on board. This policy seems a bit excessive, but when you see how their new system actually works it makes sense. Basically, if you pay for an additional piece of baggage or extra weight from your hand luggage at point of Singapore Air manage my booking, then you won't have to pay anything further before boarding your Sinagpore flight. However, if you decide not to book any additional singapore Airlines baggage size when buying your ticket and then try to add bags after your purchase has been made (such as during check-in), you'll have to pay SGD$20 per bag as well as additional charges for overweight or oversized items.


Can I buy my cabin baggage allowance in advance?

If you are flying Singapore Airlines Business Class, Premium Economy or Economy on flights operated by Singapore Airlines booking and selected SilkAir and Scoot flights, you can purchase your baggage allowance at least 4 hours before departure. On these flights a fee is charged for checked baggage; there is no charge for cabin bags. All charges are payable in S$ dollars, but payment must be made in your local currency. Can I buy my baggage allowance online?: Yes, if you are traveling with Singapore Airlines flights and selected SilkAir and Scoot flights, you can purchase your baggage allowance online through Manage Bookings. However, please note that only one (1) bag may be purchased per booking reference number/PNR per flight sector; any subsequent purchases will not be accepted. Please note that when purchasing your bag(s) online, only credit cards issued by banks domiciled in Singapore airlines planes may be used to make payments for such purchases. Credit cards issued outside of Singapore cannot be used for such payments.


How will I know how much baggage allowance is left on my booking?

If you have a KrisFlyer membership, log in and go to your Bookings section. If you do not have a KrisFlyer membership, call our contact Singapore Airlines Customer Support Number +1-888-415-0393 or +1-888-415-0393 (Singapore Airlines Toll Free Number) and we will be happy to assist you. Remember that baggage allowance cannot be booked or pre-allocated; it is allocated at check-in on a first come, first served basis depending on availability. For more information about our baggage policy please visit here . *In case of non-compliance with any of these rules, Singapore Airlines reservations its right to charge for excess baggage without prior notice.


When can't I carry any cabin baggage on board?

1. Unaccompanied minors or unaccompanied minors traveling with a guardian may not carry cabin baggage on board but are permitted 1 (one) piece of checked baggage up to 23kgs.

2. Infants, who are aged 2 or below and traveling with a guardian, will be permitted 1 (one) piece of free cabin baggage up to 7kgs in weight and up to 23x35x56cms in size, plus one (1) folding pram/pushchair or stroller for use during travel, which shall be counted as part of your cabin baggage allowance.

3. Those guests who have purchased additional travel services through Singapore Airlines e-Loyalty Programme will have their maximum allowable baggage allowance increased by 5kgs per sector.

4. Guests whose itineraries include flights operated by our codeshare partners are advised to check with these codeshare partners for their respective baggage policies prior to travel.

Singapore Airlines is not liable for any loss or damage arising from delay, misplacement or loss of any items left in an aircraft's hold at any time after boarding has been completed. Singapore Airlines is also not liable for any loss arising from delay, misplacement or loss of any items that have been checked into the aircraft's hold prior to boarding having been completed. If you wish to take extra luggage into your flight cabin, you must pay an excess baggage charge based on weight and dimensions at time of check-in.


Are there certain restrictions on what I can carry in my hand luggage?

When flying with Singapore Airlines, you can carry as much hand luggage as you need. However, there are restrictions on what kind of liquids and creams you can carry in your hand luggage. There are no weight restrictions, but all passengers must adhere to local regulations and policies at their point of departure when carrying flammable liquids or items that could contain explosives. In terms of soft luggage, everyone is entitled to one complimentary bag up to 23kgs in weight. Any additional bags will be charged at a rate of S$25 per kilogram (USD$17). No sports equipment such as golf clubs or bicycles can be carried in hand luggage. The only exception is folding bicycles which may be carried without charge if they do not exceed 57cm x 77cm x 115cm in size.


Is it possible to obtain a refund or compensation if an item was damaged during transit by SIA or its agents due to insufficient packaging by me as the customer?

No. Singapore Airlines is not liable for any damage or loss of items during carriage which are not adequately packaged by you as our customer. If you have purchased goods from Singapore Airlines duty free shops, we will compensate you only if they were damaged or lost during transit. You can refer to Compensation on Refunded/Rerouted Baggage . . . if your baggage was damaged or lost at transfer points prior to arrival at your final destination due to insufficient packaging by SIA (unless otherwise specified), no compensation is payable by SIA for such baggage loss/damage.


Are there any additional charges when changing a flight?


For baggage and check-in, there are no charges for changes. To change or cancel your ticket you need to make a written request at least 15 days before departure. If less than 15 days notice is given, you will be charged USD50 per passenger per sector for any travel changes (including date, time and class of service). No such charge applies for cabin baggage that has been prepaid with an online booking. Make sure that all carry-on baggage is clearly labeled with your name, address and contact details in case it goes missing during transit. Singapore Airlines will not accept liability unless contact details are provided on your own label when checking in at airport counters or self-service kiosks.