Singapore Airlines Cancellation Policy: Everything You Need to Know

Singapore Airlines, or SIA, is one of the largest international airlines in the world with flights to more than 100 destinations worldwide and an extensive network spanning Asia, Europe, North America, and Oceania. This makes it easy to travel from Singapore Airlines’ hub at Changi Airport to just about anywhere else in the world you’d like to go! SIA also has one of the most extensive Singapore Airlines cancellation policies of any airline; read on to learn more about how this works and how it differs from similar policies at other airlines.


Types of fares

When booking a flight on Singapore Airlines, you’ll notice that fares fall into four general types. These include Saver, Standard Flexible, Saver Flexible and Singapore Airlines Premium Economy Class. Here’s what you need to know about each option. Saver fare: The cheapest of all fares, Saver is perfect for leisure travelers who aren’t worried about flexibility and aren’t using a mileage redemption ticket (i.e., one that was purchased with points). With a Saver fare ticket, there are no changes or refunds permitted so be sure your travel plans are solid before locking in these low rates.


Refundable and Singapore Airlines non-refundable tickets

When you buy a flight, there are essentially two different kinds of tickets you can choose from. Refundable and non-refundable. For example, if you bought a flight with Singapore Airlines but found out a couple of days later that you had to cancel it because your grandmother just died, you would have to apply for a refundable ticket. On that type of ticket, they will cancel your order and give back your money as long as it hasn’t already been processed. In some cases, there is a Singapore Airlines cancellation fee or penalty depending on how far in advance you purchased your ticket.


How to make a Singapore airlines changing flights

Whether it’s a technical change you need or something more in-depth, having an open dialogue with your service provider is always a good idea. If you’re having issues and aren’t able to resolve them yourself, give Singapore Airlines Customer Service a call at +1-(888)415-0393. Tell them about your problem, be direct and polite and ask for help on what you can do next. After all, everyone makes mistakes from time to time—it doesn’t hurt to have someone else check if there was any human error involved in your problem. It never hurts to try!


When do Singapore Airlines cancellations cost you?

Depending on when you cancel, it can cost you different amounts. The fees are as follows: $50 if your flight is within one month, $100 within 60 days of departure and $150 within 30 days of departure. This fee is waived if you rebook onto another Singapore Airline flight before departure date or cancel at least 24 hours before scheduled departure time. If a passenger’s fare has been partially used, no change fee will be charged if that person cancels his or her journey after check-in Singapore Airlines but prior to commencement of boarding. If a passenger has checked in but has not commenced Singapore Airlines Boarding Pass, he or she may still make changes free of charge by contacting Singapore Airlines for assistance.


The bottom line

When it comes to Singapore Airlines cancellations, Singapore Airlines is not as flexible as some of its competitors. If you need to cancel your ticket, Singapore's rules are pretty clear-cut. There are two circumstances when you can get a refund on your Singapore Airlines Ticket—before you've flown and after you've flown—but both require that you call in and request a refund instead of contacting them via email or online chat. Read on for more details on these situations and what happens if your plans change after your flight has taken off. Note that we're focusing here only on Singapore Airlines flights; we're assuming you booked through an authorized agent like Expedia or Orbitz, which will guarantee refunds (minus any fees) under certain conditions. If you bought directly from Singapore Air...well, let's just say things might get tricky.

That said, many airlines will allow you to freeze your Singapore Airlines Reservation by putting a hold on future changes for up to 24 hours without incurring any fees at all. For example, United offers free holds with no expiration date while American allows 24 hours with no fee (you'll still have to pay any fare difference). As always, make sure to read your airline's fine print before making any reservations!