Easy Guidelines to Start an Essay Effectively


Are you staring at your blank screen, trying to come up with ideas to start your next essay?

Well, it happens to the best of us since the pressure of making the introduction interesting is too high.

Readers decide whether or not they should invest in your essay based on the introductory paragraph. If it fails to impress them, then chances are that they won’t like the rest of the paper, or worse, not even go through it.



If you want to create a strong impression on the reader, then here are some tips by free essay writer to get you started.


Essay Introduction: How to Write it?

The introductory paragraph is a significant part of the overall essay since it can make or break your paper. Not only does it help grab the reader’s attention, but it also acts as a roadmap for the essay writer, making sure that he doesn’t go off track.

Having a well-structured introductory paragraph makes sure that you stick to the main point when writing the body and not share irrelevant information.

To open the essay on an interesting note, you can use a hook sentence. Think of it as a hook used by fishermen to lure fish into their trap – only this is less dramatic, but the concept is similar. A hook sentence is some catchy and engaging information related to the topic that serves as a motivator. It makes sure that the reader will get intrigued and finish reading the paper till the end.

There are different hook sentences that you can choose from depending on the type of your essay and the nature of the topic. For instance, if you’re writing an argumentative essay on the adverse effects of tobacco on our health, you can start with some statistics. Make sure that you got them from a credible source.


Not just that, you can use any of the following hook examples also suggested by professional essay writer:


Question – avoid generalized questions that have one-word answers. Try asking the reader something interesting that will make them curious to find the answer. They can be rhetorical questions as well.

Quote – this is one of the most commonly used hook types. Open your essay with a saying by a famous person. Don’t simply write any quote, make sure that it is relevant to your topic, as you will have to explain the connection later. And don’t forget to cite the source.

Anecdote – starting with an anecdote is a fun way to grab the reader’s attention. It can be a humorous story based on your personal experience, or of someone you know.

Personal story – when writing a personal statement or college application essay this approach can come in handy. Share a short story about yourself that helps understand your personality and your interest in the particular field.

Shocking revelation –you can state something strange or unusual to attract the reader. But make sure that it isn’t too unrealistic and you can’t justify it later.

These were some simple ways that you can use to begin your essay. If you are still unable to look for an interesting hook, you can always get professional help online. Reach out to an expert essay writer and get essay writing help free.