Domestic Reverse Osmosis system is home water purifier machine fulfill the need of whole home. Reverse osmosis (RO) is water treatment process that removes containments from water by using high pressure to force water molecules through a semipermeable membrane the containments are filtered out and flush away, leaving clean and palatable water to drink, cook, washing and daily use at home by using best Water Filters.

RO water is one of the most popular and cost-effective water filtration methods available. Water Treatment Lab® offers the best RO price for domestic RO plant and best RO membrane price as compare to competitors working around the country. 

We use the best RO water filters at best RO price which work automatically around the clock as per requirement of your home.

To install Semi commercial RO Plant can be unique feature of your business and cutting edge over your competitors Ro system for Schools, Water treatment system,   Ro Systems for beauty parlor, Ro Systems for saloon etc. at best RO price offer by Water Treatment Lab® (WTL).  

Ro filtration system is requirement of every home. The three stage water RO Filtration system water purifier machine is best system to meet the need of whole home if the TDS is of your home tap water is below 200. The system consist of 3 stages, function of each stage is describe below

Stage 1:

Water Filter Poly Propylene Fiber In-depth Sediment filter cartridge is used in the first stage for removal of dust, rust, silt, scale and unseen suspended particles. Filtration rating of 5 micron at this stage holds back most of the suspended particles and a minimum load of sediments is passed to the second stage.

Stage 2:

Water Filter CTO cartridge equipped with blocked carbon used in second stage. It filters the water and removes up to 99 % of all the organic impurities like chemicals, chlorine, insecticides, pesticides, herbicides and unpleasant taste and odor from drinking and cooking water.

Stage 3:

Water Filter Ultra Violet system provides 30,000 MW sec. /cm2 energy to guarantee 100% sterilization and ensure effective control of microbial contamination in the third stage. This sterilization is accomplished by the scrambling DNA structures of the micro-organisms on exposure to ultra violet light which make them sterile. UV Sterilization is accomplished without the use of chlorine or other harsh chemicals without importing any foreign taste, odor, Corrosive, irritating or allergenic properties to the water. It is regarded as the world’s simplest and most practical means of destroying pathogenic (disease-causing) bacteria in water.

Three 3-Stages Water Filter is best solution to purify water at relatively smaller scale. Its utilities are at Home, Office, Educational Institutes, Mosques, Hospitals, Community Center and other public places. The System is also compatible to be installed electric water cooler.


The 3-Stage UV Filtration System is the best Water Filter, purifies the tap water up to the standards of drinking water at very economical price.

Removes Physical, Chemical and Biological impurities up to 99% and make the water safe for drinking.

Stainless Steel tap faucet for life long use.

Easy to install and easy to maintain, very low running / maintenance cost.

Reverse Osmosis (RO) Plant is mandatory for your ice factory. Strict rules are followed by Food Authorities in all provinces so the RO Plant for ice factory is requirement and mandatory. Moreover RO water produces crystal ice which is strong ice as compare to tap water. The price of crystal ice is higher than tap water ICE which contributes to higher profit margins in your business. We at Water Treatment Lab (WTL) are expert and ready to contribute positively in your business margins.


Osmosis water can therefore be drunk without hesitation or used to prepare food. The missing minerals do not harm the body’s supply of important substances like calcium or magnesium. These can only be found in extremely low concentrations in normal mineral or tap water.

The vital minerals are instead ingested with the other food. Claims that reverse osmosis water is unhealthy or even deprives the body of minerals are not scientifically proven.

According to the perception of many consumers, the lack of foreign substances leads to improved enjoyment because a softer taste is often attributed to osmosis water.


In addition to the soft taste and purity, reverse osmosis water offers another decisive advantage: The environmentally friendly way to quench your thirst. Because compared to other types of water, the water requirement for its production is extremely low.

Under optimal conditions, one liter of pure osmosis water can be obtained from four liters of starting water. Due to different conditions, water pressures, and temperatures. About three liters of water remain, which contains the remaining substances.

At a ratio of 1-to-3, this production method might seem ecologically questionable to some. However, the osmosis drinking water treatment does not need to shy away from comparison. For example, if you buy your water in returnable glass bottles, water must also be used to clean them afterward. In addition, there are the ecological effects of producing and transporting the water, which you must also take into account.

The balance sheet is even worse for disposable plastic bottles, produced with much water and chemicals and are destroyed after a single-use. In contrast, osmosis water represents an environmentally friendly option for you, with which you can safely quench your thirst.


If you would like to produce osmosis water yourself from your tap water, you can install an appropriate osmosis system on your sink. You can then easily tap off the cleaned water via the associated tap.

However, there is an alternative that is as simple as cheap. If you want to do without purchasing and installing the necessary system, you don’t have to do without the osmosis water.

The Water Treatment Lab makes it possible. This is also based on reverse osmosis and reliably supplies you with pure water. The osmosis water filters used in water production ensure clean water at a level of purity that meets the highest quality standards. In this way, Water treatment lab are recycled many times over, and the transport routes of the bottles are optimized.