Why Electric Unicycles are picking up sales?

Electric unicycles are the latest devices in the transport revolution. They are electro-charged vehicles that allow movement over terrain too difficult to walk or ride a bike, such as a grassy roof, or that is not covered by tarmac or asphalt.

Most electric unicycle designs have no mounted motor wheel instead, it has a one-wheeling style. Therefore these electric unicycle units have much more compact dimensions, easier cornering, and higher-level maneuverability than the Segway style trimobiles because they can dance on a dime or change directions up to 180 degrees in just 2 seconds. It also makes them very comfortable to ride for hours on end without any strain on their upper thighs and backs.

The rise of electric unicycles can help heal the environment by not releasing greenhouse gases and depending less on gasoline-powered rides.  With electric unicycle sales, we see healthy economic growth with sales of electric unicycles themselves as well as its specific configurations, replacement parts and even pilot training course kits in the future.

Electric unicycles have been around since 1971 when they were manufactured in Sweden by engineer Bertil Lundén. Early models could reach speeds of up to 36 km/h and riders would need at least 6 hours to charge them thanks to their lead-acid batteries that cannot store more than 18 kg.