How to Export Thunderbird emails into Outlook?

Many people seek the best way to export Thunderbird emails to Outlook. Emails are the most extensively used method of professional communication in today's internet world, and Mozilla Thunderbird is a popular email client. Thunderbird includes several functions, including message management, junk mail filtering, open-source, industry standards and support, cross-platform support, etc.

Despite the fact that Thunderbird offers too many functions, customers continue to export Thunderbird emails to Outlook. There are several reasons why Thunderbird to Outlook export is becoming more popular. Thunderbird requires users to set up all of the new features, which is relatively comprehensive. While Market trends, on the other hand, favour Microsoft Outlook because of its user-friendly features. It is simple to install on Windows, MAC, Android, and iOS and offers a variety of functions such as Contacts, Calendars, Journals, Tasks, Events, and so on. That's the main reason user want to convert MBOX to PST format so that they access their emails in Outlook. 

Why User Export Thunderbird Emails to Outlook?

The following are some of the reasons why Thunderbird users needed to switch to Outlook.

1. Thunderbird doesn't have a spam filter, which is the most typical explanation. Outlook includes a strong spam filter that might help you avoid phishing assaults.

2. There is no task and calendar list in Thunderbird.

3. There is no emphasis on security and stability due to Thunderbird's slower development approach.

4. Outlook allows you to set up complicated rules to automate your process and handle your emails.

5. Thunderbird supports POP3/IMAP/SMTP email clients, but only with an add-on.

Methods to Transfer Thunderbird Emails to Outlook

Most people utilise Sysconverter for MBOX application to move Thunderbird to Outlook. It makes it easier and more economical to export Thunderbird emails and "address books."

Users have two options for transferring Thunderbird to Outlook. The first option is to manually move emails, which involves a number of difficult tasks and strict adherence to all standards. The second approach, on the other hand, makes it simple to convert Thunderbird emails to Outlook 2019, 2016, and earlier versions.

Solution 1: Export Thunderbird to Outlook Manually

Note: Manual procedures are rarely utilised due to the possibility of change, as well as the fact that they are difficult and need certain technical expertise.

To perform the manual procedure, you need a webmail account to configure with both Thunderbird and Outlook. Let's check how it is performed. 

Step 1: In Thunderbird, add a webmail account (Gmail)

1. First, log in to your Webmail account and enter the Webmail settings by clicking on the Gear symbol.

2. Select the Enable IMAP option under Forwarding and POP/IMAP.

3. Next, set up the IMAP account and save your changes.

4. Open Thunderbird, enter your Thunderbird account's name, email address, and password, then click Continue to open it.

5. Select the IMAP checkbox and fill up all of the required fields. 6. Finally, choose Re-test.

7. Select the Create a new account option after successfully completing all of the steps.

8. Finally, validate your Thunderbird account by opening an email message.


Phase 2: Outlook Webmail Account Configuration

1. Select Add Account from the File menu.

2. Select Manually Configure Server Settings or Additional Server Types from the dialogue box that appears, then click Next.

3. To continue, click Internet EmailNext.

4. In the dialogue box that appears, enter your name, email address, and password.

5. Finally, select the IMAP option from the Account Type wizard.

6. In the Incoming and Outgoing server fields, put and in that order.

7. Next, select More Settings from the drop-down menu.

8. Select My Outgoing Server from the Outgoing Server drop-down menu (SMTP).

9. Then select the option to use the same settings as my inbound server.

10. Enter the 993 port number in the Incoming Server Port field.

11. Select the option This Server Requires an Encrypted Connection.

12. Finally, enter the 587 port number for the Outgoing server and click the Ok button to close the dialogue box.

13. To verify account settings, select the Test Account Setting option.

14. Press the Next Button after seeing the message "Your account settings are correct."

15. Finally, open Outlook and import the Thunderbird MBOX file from the Gmail id label that is imported in phase 1.

Manual methods have limitations:
  • Manual approaches are not ideal for batch exporting Thunderbird to Outlook.
  • Data loss and corruption are always a possibility.
  • It's possible that the data hierarchy will be lost.
  • Orphan or deleted emails from Thunderbird cannot be exported to Outlook using the manual approach.
  • These procedures are time-consuming and difficult to employ for non-technical people.

Solution 2: Instantly Export Emails from Thunderbird to Outlook

For exporting Thunderbird to Outlook, MBOX Converter is a well-known and simple-to-use shareware. To export Thunderbird to Outlook 2019, 2016, and other previous versions it offers various user-friendly solutions. Here are several examples:

  • The most secure method: We built the tool to be a self-contained utility that prioritises data protection. Many Thunderbird emails may be simply exported with all of their features and attributes intact. You don't have to share your data, and you can keep track of anything on your computer.
  • Desirable Process: The programme has no file size limitations and can export large MBOX files with ease. It works with a variety of MBOX-compatible email clients, including Opera Mail, Eudora, Entourage, Webmail, and many others. As a consequence, MBOX files from various email clients may be convert MBOX to PDF, EML, MSG, and other file formats.
  • Filtering Option: The programme has a filtering option for Subject, From, and To criteria. You may use this option to exclude undesirable MBOX file entries and export only the ones you need.

Steps to Export Mailbox Data to Outlook Account

Follow the given instructions and transfer emails from Thunderbird to the Outlook PST file.

Step 1. Download and launch the automated tool on your system.

Step 2. Select Open Email Data file  MBOX File Select File or Folder.

Step 3.  Click on Export and choose PST format.

Step 4. Then browse the saving location and hit on the save button.

Step 5. At last, import PST to Outlook using the Import/Export tool.

Done! Here complete the export process. 


We now know that the manual way of exporting Thunderbird to Outlook is not a dependable option thanks to this post. The professional third-party utility SysConverter for MBOX software, on the other hand, offers various user-oriented functions. Exporting Thunderbird to Outlook is simple and precise using this programme. A demo/trial version of the software is also available to test its functionality, allowing you to process the first 50 items in each folder.

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