Benefits of Auto Consulting While Considering Having Higher Exports

The Automobile industry is witnessing a shift like never before. The emphasis is now on fuel-efficient and safer cars with advanced safety features. Automobile users are demanding increasing electronic features with advanced software. Automobile consultants are aware of international trends, including technological advances. The automobile industry is gearing up to meet the projected increase of electric automobiles to 30% by the year 2030. The challenge is to set up an infrastructure of charging stations all over the country. The major challenges are making the electric vehicles run the most on a single charge with all features such as air conditioning and lighting working. The second challenge is to reduce charging time with instant charging.

New features pose a challenge.

The automotive industry is also going through a major shift from automobile features to mobility ecosystems. Public transportation is undergoing a rapid transformation, and the concept of personal automobiles per capita is also changing to self-driven robotic taxis.

Automobile companies are aware of the growing complexities and are often not sure of which direction to take. As a result, automobile companies hire automobile consulting services to help them get input on current market conditions and collectively decide on which sector to focus on. Auto consulting helps automobile companies decide on which tech features to incorporate in cars or whether to diversify into other areas such as improving public transportation, shared mobility, or simply concentrating on Car IT features.   

New development in the Automobile industry

  • Connected cars have advanced navigation, remote services, telematics and smartphone apps.
  • Advancement in ADAS (advanced driver assistance systems). These features include pedestrian avoidance, lane departure warning, automatic emergency braking and blind-spot detection.
  • Advanced security features such as penetration testing, cybersecurity features and anti-theft
  • Shared mobility such as car sharing, carpooling, ride-hailing, micro-mobility and peer to peer services.
  • Car IT features such as vehicle to cloud API, data analytics, B2B sharing, SAAS and PAAS. These features essentially mean access to cloud computing, saving the need for installing software or hardware in the automobile.

Auto consulting basically focuses on steering automobiles steer in the most beneficial direction, both in terms of keeping with rapidly changing times as well as providing the most modern transportation facilities to customers at the least cost.

The automobile industry is so huge that automobile companies have a difficult time simply deciding which sector to strengthen themselves in. Auto consulting helps these companies identify their core strengths and combine them with the industry sector that will be viable in the long run.

Automobile consultants have the following challenges.

  • Helping make the shift towards electric vehicles. Helping the automobile industry to expand infrastructure to make electric vehicles viable
  • Making automobiles more software-driven rather than hardware-driven
  • Advising automobile companies on how to reshape their businesses
  • Reimagine the services and experiences offered to customers
  • Finding export markets and developing new models that have excellent export potential
  • Finding ways to advise automobile companies to cut and minimise costs in order to make vehicles cheaper
  • Finding alternative materials to make cars lighter, safer and cheaper
  • Improving ADAS technology to increase human machine interphase (HMI)
  • Helping client companies with research, strategising and making major decisions for diversifying into new areas and newer models of cars
  • Providing current automobile market analysis and future market trends
  • Business improvement and business modelling
  • Investment planning and validation

Auto consulting has several benefits. Automobile companies can get both expertise as well as the business acumen to sustain themselves in a very dynamic market.