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A Harvard research on communication concluded that people remember 20 p.c of what they hear, and 30 p.c of what they see - however video productions utilizing a mix of the two deliver information retention at the 70 % level. Video is one of the most powerful technique of communication. At PNW Video Productions we produce movies for organizations that wish to broaden their influence and clarify their stories, or make sales. Usually, our presentation movies run about 5-7 minutes and contain info and testimonials. Our web videos (YouTube) often run about two minutes or less. We produce distribution copies on DVD, but social media prices less. We work with our shoppers to develop an idea and then we write the script, hire the actors/voice-over talent, shoot the video and edit the manufacturing. Discover out extra information about how we can help you by calling 2537596639. We assist both large and small firms and organizations. We design productions to tell the story of their services and products . . . and all at fair costs. Costs vary from several hundred dollars to several thousand dollars. Everything depends upon your wants. We should always talk. Latest Projects Washington Land Surveyors Educational Courses - 9 2 hour packages Edited footage for Chinook Providers about their Smooth-Wash Strategies (see beneath) New JBLM Waste Water Remedy Plant New Equipment Introduction and Discussion (Sixty plus movies) Listed below are some examples of our work: This video was produced for LeMay Cellular Shredding to advertise their on-location ability to shred information and data and thereby protect id and contents of used onerous drives. - 2.1K views!

was produced for Mohawk Carpets for instance their stain combating qualities. - 1.7K views!

The client submitted their footage for editing and sweetening. - 12K views!
This video was produced to share the history and the implosion of the Asarco smokestack in Ruston, Washington - January 17, 1993. This was a part of a program length documentary entitled, Bricks, Cheers, and Tears produced for Asarco. Through the years we additionally produced videos for Asarco illustrating the process of soil removal and residential yard alternative. - 8.4K views!

This video was produced for Rotarians for Listening to, which featured information on research for the regeneration of inner ear haircells. Birds can regenerate lost listening to, why cannot mammals? The group Rotarians for Hearing and research scientists at the College of Washington are trying to find out why. Though primarily based in Tacoma, Washington we've videotaped in Seattle, Los Angeles, Hawaii, Oregon, Texas, throughout Washgington, and Micronesia. Our productions have been broadcast internationally. We've produced tv exhibits for each broadcast and cable-Tv. Need assistance in creating a fantastic webpage with video? Check out Public Doman for web site growth and advertising and marketing. We will tell a story utilizing emotional photos, music, and professional voices.

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Sales presentations that all the time tell the identical story. Show examples of companies. Clarify the advantages and possibilities. Promote a new line of services. Reach out to a wider viewers moderately than one-on-one presentations.