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Amibroker is the pioneer of charting platforms and charting softwares and are serving traders and analysts for more than 20 years. The very first version of AmiBroker was released way back in 1995.AmiBroker is highly parallel multithreading application, it is a full-featured technical analysis trading system development platform, with an advanced real-time charting, portfolio back-testing/optimization and scanning capabilities.AmiBroker is written in C++. It runs natively on the CPU without need of any kind of virtual machine or byte-code interpreter, unlike Java or .NET programs. The AFL language can process as much as 166 million data bars per second on 2GHz CPU. To design and develop your algorithmic system, there are few tools and programming language available, Amibroker is one of them and by far the best tool to generate automated trading signals. AmiBroker is equipped with a powerful formula language allowing you to write different trading system rules. AmiBroker allows you to trade directly from charts or programmatically, using scan.AmiBroker Formula Language (AFL) is very simple programming language, like any other programming language, but the main difference is it works as an array. Programming is all about the concept of writing something to do the desired job, AFL is no different, its rich inbuilt functions makes it very easy for any developer to develop any strategy they want to deliver.AFL is a special programming language used to define and create custom indicators, scans, explorations, back-tests. The major difference of AFL language is that is works on the concept of array processing. AmiBroker can process entire arrays of data without using loop which makes it faster and easier to use than other programming language. This makes it possible to run your formulas at the same speed as code written in assembler language.Video Tutorials:

 If you want Step by Step Amibroker guide, then watch the below video


Few Features of Amibroker

Built-in charts:

There are many indicators available as built-in in Amibroker. Pprice line or candlestick chart to plot OHLC. To list down few of the indicators are volume, moving averages, Bollinger bands, ROC, RSI, MACD, CCI. MFI, Stochastic etc.Custom Indicator Builder

More than 70 built-in functions to use as a building blocks of your custom indicatorsBack testing

Back test your strategy on the list of Stocks based on created watchlist or on to any specific stock.Test your strategy defining time frame for testing.Process Stop-loss ordersRealistic back-testing including brokerage commission


What are we covering in the below video Tutorial

·        How to install Amibroker

·        How to setup Database on Amibroker

·        Upload data in Amibroker

·        Chart and Indicator plotting in Amibroker

·        How to do Backtest in Amibroker

·        How to create Explorer using Amibroker

·        How to do forward testing using Amibroker

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