How can I fix no Sound on YouTube?

YouTube is inarguably the most famous video streaming application these days. And while the application or the website faces little to zero issues, there can still be some instances where you might encounter some problems with YouTube. If you are here at our guide, then this means that you are encountering the youtube no sound problem. If yes, then do not worry as we will tell you some simple methods that you can use to fix the Sound issue on YouTube and resume the efficiency of your application.

What can you do if you face the No Sound issue on YouTube?

There are some simple fixes that can be very beneficial if you are not able to hear anything on YouTube. So, read all the suggestions carefully and then do the same to fix the no sound on youtube issue.

1.     Check Volume Settings

The first thing many people ignore look at is the device volume settings. While the volume of the application or website may be full but if the device volume is muted then, you will not be able to hear anything on the site.

2.     Update your browser

If you are using YouTube on a web browser then, this browser can also be the reason for your issue. If you are not using the latest version of the browser then, you may face some issues with the sound of the application.

3.     Close running programs

Sometimes, the other programs running on your device can also be the reasons why you face the issue of youtube no sound iPhone. Hence, we recommend that you close the other programs that are running and then open YouTube to see if the issue is resolved.


Hope that the different methods we have given you will help you in fixing the no sound issue on YouTube.