5 Tools You Need to Know About Salesforce Testing


A company needs to put in a lot of work to be successful in sales. To succeed in a highly competitive industry, determination and devotion to your work are two essential characteristics. Apart from that, you must have a solid grasp of your client's requirements as a company.


Managing the components of your corporate and customer services would be impossible without CRM software like salesforce. It's a proven fact that human salespeople cannot achieve the sales target on all levels, which is why we need salesforce automation to drive sales and improve brand image among potential clients.


Testers use salesforce testing tools to fully harness automation, keep reading to know about the greatest tools you can use for CRM quality analysis with updated features and characteristics.




Accelq is one of the best salesforce testing solutions. It has powerful, codeless capabilities that allow for rapid and continuous integration for salesforce web automation and seamless Salesforce updates.


Salesforce needs to be optimized to stand out with an automated touch, Accelq offers AI-driven, codeless test automation on the cloud, allowing Salesforce apps to quickly incorporate key functions like those listed below.

  •  Cloud For Sales
  •  Cloud For Health
  •  Cloud For Service
  • Cloud For Finance

Accelq also provides nCino live with salesforce, which enables automation for all business processes, making it one of the best salesforce solutions.



With LeapWork's no-code automated testing, salespeople, marketers, and executives can manage any Salesforce process.


Some of the best features of LeapWork:

  • To match market needs, LeapWork boosts the speed and efficiency of Salesforce Automation.

  • LeapWork's Salesforce Automation helps you save time and avoid monotonous tasks.
  • LeapWork offers free on-demand discussions with professionals using the greatest quality.


LeapWork's exceptional, codeless web automation capabilities can automate the complex procedures of Salesforce in minutes. The automation framework does not require any coding knowledge due to its visual language of building components.


Workflow Rule


Workflow Rule is a basic salesforce testing tool used by admins for sales management since it has been around for a long time and is very accurate. It all boils down to the automated test's direction.


Workflows have a restricted number of functions compared to other applications, but they don't generally follow, are extremely quick, and are reasonably simple to use.


Its features are 

  • It allows you to change a field 
  • It provides the ability to create a new field 
  • It also allows you to develop workflows.

The Workflow Rule is an excellent place to start for any new Salesforce quality analyst due to its simple operation.


Conga Composer


The Salesforce software updates and upgrades provide reliable results in increased productivity and insights that can be useful for the future. The connection of Conga Composer with Salesforce CRM simplifies data collection, monitoring, and sharing.


This Salesforce testing tool simplifies

  • Creating documents
  • Making Presentations
  • Reports formation


It can be used for Powerpoint, Word, HTML email, and Excel.

With this Salesforce connection software, you can do all of your work on one platform which allows you to spend less time managing the Salesforce API and more time on your other important functions.




You can send personalized emails to your prospects and contacts from within Salesforce CRM, track their interactions, and figure out what works best for you.


ToutApp's Salesforce integration works as a stand-alone sales solution, allowing customers to send emails faster and track marketing offers. This application helps sales professionals with lead nurturing by allowing them to provide the right information to the right people at the right time.


Salesforce's built-in phone and dialer technology allows users to call a potential contact straight from the app. This communication and advertising management solution helps in project management, content improvement, and income generation.


Wrapping up


The importance of testing and test automation in increasing the quality of your Salesforce releases cannot be ignored. You can start by working on smaller projects, paying attention to the details of your business, testing effort/risk ratios, and existing tools, and hiring the right people are all essential aspects of success.

There are several tools available to assist you in getting started or progressing in your Salesforce quality journey. Salesforce users, suppliers, and system integrators are always there to assist you.