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My story isn't very large. My story isn't lengthy. I was born, attended school, worked, and finally made it online. There were also some moments that I felt like everything was gone forever. One of those moments was when the computer in my home went dark. After some fiddling, changing my old desktop into the new one, and a bit more fiddling I was capable of restoring the entire work that was stored on the drive. It took three days of sweating, literally crying... I've learned one thing. It is possible to automate or manually backup my work from the day using Dropbox and my personal FTP servers to ensure that nothing can ever be deleted.

This isn't the best option. The larger your online data storage grows, the more you need to spend to keep everything in it, to keep it online. It's easy to use and it seems to be very secure. And it's of course very accessible, and it can be downloaded from any location that has internet. What about those times when access to the internet isn't feasible? In those instances, I am grateful to have my laptop with me, it is like my final safe harbor to backup my data. Two drives are on my computer, each with a RAID stack. They both copy each other and ensure there is at least one copy in case one of the HDDs fails. Since I copy the majority of my data there, it's rare that the laptop works. I do not wish for two drives to be destroyed on the same date.

Another day of sadness came a few years ago. I make sure that I don't lose any work. As I mentioned, I have duplicates of it many times. Also, it is available online at any time internet connectivity is accessible. It was Periscope. I was a frequent user of it years back. I even did live streams during the Riots last summer in 2020. Periscope TV has now been shut down and all content will disappear within weeks. What should I do? I'd like to have all the videos to be downloaded so that they can be stored off-line on my laptop. They are extremely special for me. It's the only time I've seen my friend who vanished off the radar during Covid. It seems like it was a mistake.

I visit his website that allows me to download video directly from Youtube, Instagram, Facebook and many other sources. I am interested in politics and underground movements. This is why I film a lot of live events, and save some for the future, and publish some on YouTube. When I'm done live, I back up the video to my laptop. This is how I do it. It lets me share videos across multiple platforms. I can share YouTube videos on Facebook and upload it to Facebook. Every video could be its own video. So, I have 3TB of live feeds that I've conducted over the past eight years. Periscope lives aren't lost.. This site has been extremely helpful to me.

It's like an angel. The video I would like to save to Periscope or Youtube is displayed. I then copy the URL using the share button. Next, I go to the video downloader's website and copy the URL. Then, I can download the video to my computer or my desktop. I can save it on my computer to play on different platforms. It is also possible to share it with friends. Periscope isn't available on all websites. But, this website does offer Periscope assistance.

If you were unaware that you could make windows copy command help you join these fragments to make a normal 1 long video file. This is due to the video format used for creating the fragments, MpegTS, also known as transport stream. The stream includes all data necessary to decode each fragment. They are distinct from each other, which allows each newcomer to stream seamlessly. On the other hand it helps browser save on data transfer because instead of one hour of data, it downloads 360 x 10 seconds files. It only downloads those you are watching. So, when you only watch 25 seconds of the stream your player ends up downloading just 4-6 fragments (it downloads 3-4 fragments of the 25 second stretch currently in play, plus 1-2 following fragments in the event that you continue watching the stream).yt mp3 downloader This greatly reduces the total amount of data needed to watch the stream for 25 seconds.