FSBO.com: Rated & Reviewed

FSBO.com is a website that works on the For Sale by Owner model. This website allows owners to directly list their property for sale without needing to go through a real estate agent. There are many FSBO sites and FSBO.com is one of the popular sites. It offers a great way to list your property for sale. 

FSBO.com reviews indicate that customers are not all that thrilled with their services. Their rating is 2.9/5, which is definitely underwhelming. Compare this rating with Houzeo reviews where the rating is 4.9/5, a near-perfect rating. It is clear that customers of Houzeo are extremely happy with the company’s services while FSBO’s customers feel there is a lot of area for improvement.

To help you understand more about FSBO.com, go through the review where you can find out more about this company. You can understand all about the services offered by the customer, fees charges, pros and cons, etc. Having read this review, you can then make a decision on whether to work with the company or not.

Services and Fees

FSBO.com has its presence in 49 states across the country. Its geographical presence makes it a force to reckon with. The site allows property owners to register their property for sale directly. They have two packages we need to look at:

  1. The basic package costs $99.95. This package will get your property listed on FSBO.com and also on Redfin. While the package looks attractive, the major downside is that it does not list your property on the MLS. This makes this package not so interesting.


  1. The second package is priced at $399.95 and comes with the MLS listing option. This is a pretty good option. You get to post 20 photos of the property with this package. You can also get access to the pretty good service from FSBO.com

Of the two packages, the basic package is not of much use. You would need to purchase additional services, which would work out to be expensive. The website is pretty easy to use with many options making it customer-friendly. There are a number of add-ons that you may want to look at. However, these add-ons do not have uniform pricing. The pricing varies from state to state. 

How does the site work? 

It is important to understand how this website works. There are four steps for owners to sell their homes on this website:


  1. Select a package: In this step, you choose from either the basic or MLS package. Remember that the basic package will not get you an MLS listing.


  1. List the home: You can post information about your home and share its photos. You can get up to 20 photos with the MLS package.


  1. Get offers: Once the property is listed, potential buyers would see your home. For a basic listing, they could see your home on FSBO.com or on Redfin. For the second package, you will be listed on the MLS making it easy to find you. Once the buyer contacts you, the process of inquiry and show can start.


  1. Sell your home: Get offers from buyers, compare them, and decide on the best one. You can take the help of an attorney to process the documents and close the sale.

Pros and Cons 

The pros of using FSBO.com are:

  • You can save a lot of money by using this website. Since there is no listing agent involved and you are listing directly, you save 3% of the commission. This is a big amount.


  • The website is easy to use with a customer-friendly interface. You can quickly list your site, upload photos, and then manage the listing. 


  • The good support you get from the FSBO.com team is a major advantage. The team is available to help you over email and by phone.


  • The $399 package is a good one that gets you an MLS listing with around 20 photos. The listing would be valid for around 6 months. 


  • The website’s presence in almost all states is a major benefit.


  • Apart from listing on FSBO.com, you can even get listed on Redfin allowing your property to be seen by many prospective buyers.

There are many cons or limitations to this website. They include:

  • The basic package is not worth it since there is no MLS listing.


  • Even though there are many additional services offered, the prices are not standardized. It can vary from state to state making it confusing to use. Even the 20 photos offered vary from state to state with some states offering more and some fewer.


  • Listing on the MLS through FSBO.com forces you to work with a specific broker from your state. The problem is that you cannot vet the broker and have to go with whoever the site chooses for you. This is an area of concern that many customers have spoken about in reviews. They have downrated the website because of problems with the broker who they couldn’t vet. This seems to be a major issue with this provider. Since it is the broker who is the key contact for the sale, not being able to vet the broker is a serious issue.


  • The website doesn’t have much in terms of automation. With other websites like Houzeo offering the best of technology, the site looks a bit outdated. 


  • There are not many self-help resources available. If you are a first-time seller, then using this website can be a bit tough.


  • There are no refunds offered. This is not a major issue since most sites don’t offer refunds. But if you want to cancel your listing, you may need to pay a fee. 


FSBO.com reviews show that while FSBO.com helps you save a lot of money by using its services, its many limitations are problematic. The biggest concern is the low customer rating. When you go through reviews from customers, there are many negative reviews. While the MLS package does have attractive features, there are many downsides. If you choose a flat fee MLS provider like Houzeo, you would get better services. Overall, FSBO.com looks promising but has many issues that could be problematic.