Are you planning a trip away from your home? Be sure to stock up with digital content before the WiFi stops working

Here's a short story of my excursion to the Arctic on a boat. It sounded amazing, National Geographic journey thru the ice and back with polar Bears, and many more wildlife. There would be all kinds of ice, and snow all around. Man-made machinery was set to take on the elements, and cut through the northern desert that was frozen. It sounded like a huge task, a huge fight with the weather and the pole.

I was told to take every gadget that could be transported inside my bag. I was able to fit my laptop, as well as an extra large screen to increase my working space. They assured me that electricity was not an issue. It would be a tough task, but I didn't know what I could anticipate. I didnt know that just two days into the 14-day trip I would find that my Internet connection would drop and I would lose internet access for 10 consecutive days. When it happened I was completely stunned. Any trip, no matter how difficult or distant, should result in an unexpected disconnect from the technological world but not in the 21st century. In addition to having unfinished business that I need to attend to in the next week, but I also didn't prepare for the downtime.

It doesn't matter if are forced to disconnect. Internet is everywhere. If your home internet connection is experiencing intermittent problems, you can always locate a nearby McDonalds and use their free WiFi connection to access the information you need. Bring your laptop to the nearest Starbucks and use the WiFi free connection to surf the Internet at will. There's no cafe or restaurant cafe that has electricity to the north. It's not near any electricity source. There's not a free Internet nearby.. There are two choices: choose to go offline, or opt for satellite internet access.

I can't afford to purchase the satphone as it's too pricey, especially for Internet. However, I'll make a complete audio and video collection before venturing out into the unknown without Internet. Last time I had only two songs. The songs were downloaded back earlier in the day, and all I was able to listen to were three jazz songs and one I had no idea what it was called. All I can say is. Four songs over two weeks of complete silence. I'd have planned ahead for this if I knew this would happen. I would have loaded my computer with shows from television and movies as well as lots of music videos. I could spend hours listening to my favourite podcasts. It's simple to download them, then convert to MP3 and save to my personal computer. I can then lie in my bedroom listening to the podcasts I love, but seldom find the time to sit down and listen. It could have been my gold hour which is about two weeks worth of gold.y2 mate com However, it turned out to be two weeks of gazing at the ceiling and running to catch passengers whenever there was a noise from the corridors.

It was empty physically as well as metaphorically. I've never been so bored. I was aware that the ice was thick and that the boat would have no other choice than to turn around and get back to the shores of civilization. While this isn't surprising however, there were plenty of other options. Hours and hours of downtime could be spent watching podcasts, DIY videos on fixing problems at home, or simply listening music. The next time, I'll convert YouTube videos to MP4 and MP3 on my personal computer. Music can boost your mood So don't get discouraged. Remember that Hulu and Netflix apps can download shows and movies for you to watch offline. They can also be viewed on the long journey across the arctic. Don't be bored. Have fun! cc.converter