Why Choosing Legal Podcasts in Australia for your lawyer career ?

If you are interested in law or want to learn more about it, you may want to consider listening to legal podcasts in Australia. These audio programs feature legal professionals discussing their experiences and answering your questions. This episode focus on substantive and technical legal content. Some podcasts are even created by lawyers and judges to engage the audience in an informal setting. You may find these programs extremely helpful and informative.

A good legal podcast for anyone interested in the law is Law Talking. Produced by Nicola Cosgrove a member of Hearsay she is Co-creator Lawyer in Sydney , this podcast features the latest news and developments in the law. It covers a broad range of topics, from intellectual property to contract law to litigation. Each episode of the show explores a specific topic. Episodes include discussions of common law, litigation, inquests, and technology and construction.

Hearsay is a legal podcast made by a team of lawyers and legal advisors that offers CPD (continuing professional development) from Australian lawyers. You can save money by subscribing to CPD training by Hearsay.