Introduction to Ruby and Rails.

Ruby is a pure object-oriented programming language. It was created in 1993 by Yukihiro Matsumoto of Japan. One of the best Ruby on Rails Course provides basic and advanced concepts of the course. This ruby on rails course is designed for professionals also. With the help of ruby on rails certification, you can think of having a greater career prospect.

Ruby has features that are similar to those of Smalltalk, Perl, and Python. Perl, Python, and Smalltalk are scripting languages. Smalltalk could be a true object-oriented language. Ruby, like Smalltalk, is a perfect object-oriented language. Using Ruby syntax is way easier than using Smalltalk syntax.

Why Ruby on Rails?

  • It allows you to launch a faster web application.
  • Saves your money by using the Ruby on Rails framework.
  • Helps us with maintaining and avoiding problems with staff migration.
  • Ruby on Rail Framework makes our app faster and safer.
  • We can easily update our app with the latest functionality.
  • It uses Metaprogramming techniques to write programs.