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What is plasmolifting? Plasmolifting is an effective injection technique for high-quality rejuvenation and skin tightening. In addition, plasmolifting is used in the treatment of acne and post-acne, as well as other skin imperfections.

How it works? Purified plasma from the client’s own blood is injected into selected areas (face / neck / décolleté), helping to restore elastin and collagen. belotero soft price Plasma accelerates cell metabolism, and also starts the process of developing new cells, restoring the skin not only from the outside, but also from the inside. Today, plasma therapy is considered one of the most natural ways to treat and rejuvenate the skin, because during the procedure the body receives its own “reserves”. By the way, this is why the procedure is also considered one of the most effective – because our own plasma is a unique medicine with exactly those substances that are necessary for our skin.

How is the procedure going? After an individual consultation and examination by a cosmetologist, the amount of plasma necessary for treatment is determined, as well as the number of necessary sessions within the course. A specialist with medical education and clinical experience draws blood from a vein. Blood in a special certified test tube is sent to a centrifuge, where the plasma is separated. Meanwhile, local anesthesia is applied to the areas selected for the procedure, which makes the procedure quite comfortable. After receiving the plasma, the specialist injects it into the necessary zones. The rehabilitation period after plasmolifting is 2-3 days.

Does plasmolifting hurt? Thanks to local anesthesia, skin sensitive to injections is significantly reduced. Depending on the level of the pain threshold, pain during plasmolifting, according to our clients, is approximately 3-5 /of ellanse l.

plasmolifting prp for hair: Is it effective? Yes, as in the case of exposure to the face, neck and decollete, plasma is an effective way to combat hair loss, improve their quality, etc.

How to prepare for the procedure? Since plasma is an active substance for the treatment and rejuvenation of the skin, the quality of this substance must be high. Here it is up to the client – at least 2-3 days before the procedure, you should give up alcohol, cigarettes, fatty, fried, salty and spicy foods. And also focus on the water balance, not forgetting to drink 2L of water per day. Remember: the cleaner the blood will be on the day of the procedure of plinest injection, the higher the result you get.