What do we do with the disposable spo2 sensor?

What is the disposable blood oxygen probe? How to use it? Regarding the correct use of the blood oxygen probe, here we are going to discuss it.

The disposable blood oxygen probe is a product used for general anesthesia in clinical surgery and daily pathological treatment, and it is an electronic equipment accessory for monitoring means.

What do we do with the disposable spo2 sensor?

The blood oxygen saturation probe can provide continuous monitoring and is a non-invasive product.

When and where we will use Spo2 Sensors

1. ICU after surgery or anesthesia;

2. Newborn nursing ward;

3. Neonatal intensive care unit;

4. Emergency monitoring.

After the baby is born, the medical staff will monitor the newborn's blood oxygen saturation level. It can effectively guide the baby's normal health status.

Correct use method of blood oxygen probe:

1. Observe the sensor placement environment and turn on the blood oxygen monitor after connecting to the power supply. Pay attention to check whether the equipment is in good condition;

2. Select the matching probe required by the patient (such as children, adults, infants, animals, etc.), and check whether the patient's detection part is suitable;

3. After connecting the adaptable blood oxygen adapter cable to the device, connect the single patient blood oxygen probe;

4. After confirming that the single-patient blood oxygen probe is connected, check whether the chip. Pay attention to the binding method (the LED and PD must be aligned, and the binding must be firm and not leak light).

5. Once the sensor is right wrapped on the finger or other tissue, we need to make the monitor works correctly.

In general, the blood oxygen probe refers to fixing the sensor on the fingertip of the patient. And through SpO2 monitoring, SpO2, pulse rate, and pulse wave can be obtained. Used for blood oxygen monitoring of the patients, usually, the other end is connected to an ECG monitor.

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