The distinction between Wordle and Octordle


Wordle and Octordle follow the same basic rules on a grid-by-grid basis. Both have the same color-coding scheme (green, yellow, and grey) and word input rules that we're used to. Octordle, on the other hand, is very different from Wordle in that it has 8 concurrent grids that take in the word you enter on each try. The scroll bar can be used to view these grids.

However, in Octordle, you can only see the first four grids reflected in the keyboard at any given time. Even after completing the first four grids, Octordle does not reflect the change that occurs in the bottom four grids. octordle

For example, in the image below, the keyboard still displays the first four grids even after the user has moved on to the grids below it.

Unlike Wordle, Octordle will show the full results as well as the spoiler-filled answers. Remember that, unlike Dordle, Octordle's copy to clipboard option copies all of the results as well as the answers.

However, feel free to drag and select portions of this result according to your preference.