Commission Hero 2.0 is a program designed to earn money online. According to the official website, it has already helped so many people learn new ways to earn money using the online marketing option. It requires no degree or experience level and is open for all.


 Earning money is hard, and it would be a lie to say that you do not need more money. Even those who have a full-time job can use some extra cash to pay for something such as a house mortgage, car loan or educational loan too. So expanding your means of earning is always a good idea. And nothing is better than training with high chances of online earning within the comfort of your home.


It sounds impossible at first, but this Commission Hero 2.0 review will explain how to make it happen. There is no investment or actual purchase needed, and all it takes is a laptop and a fast internet service.


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According to the information available on Robby Blanchard, he started working in the digital marketing world in 2017. And within a short time, he has expanded his earnings to more than $1 million per month, making him the highest-paid affiliate marketer in the world. But how can someone start from nothing and end up getting so much money?


Affiliate marketing is the most advanced marketing tool requiring no physical effort, traveling, investment or interaction. It is slowly getting popular for the ease of use, low cost, and high scalability where you work as a one-person business team. The difficulties and issues that Robby faced were later on fixed by him, but not everyone is lucky to fix this mess. So this training program, Commission Hero 2.0, provides the best solution for that.


It is time to say goodbye to the old techniques, modes of earning and business strategies when you can do much better with affiliate marketing. And the training from an expert increases the chances of success, so there is no point in taking a risk and wasting time and energy when you can start it after the Commission Hero 2.0 training.


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As mentioned before, Commission Hero 2.0 is a legit way to make money online, with the help of ClickBank. It is a training program that teaches how affiliate marketing can generate a reasonable income. And this is not something that only people with business experience or a marketing degree can do. This training is open for all, and there is no admission condition to join it.


For those who do not know, ClickBank is an online marketplace, operational worldwide, and is one of the largest in its domain. There are thousands of things and products that are sold here on commission-based marketing. The chances of earning high profits are very high depending upon the choice of product, traffic to the website and marketing strategy used. On one side, it can help you earn thousands of dollars, and on the other, there is a risk of not earning anything at all. So if you want to jump into it and try your luck, it is better to jump well prepared.


You should know all these details beforehand such as which product to pick, how to start selling it and how to convince people to buy it. The Commission Hero 2.0 by Robby Blanchard is a comprehensive training program that guides how to make it possible. According to the creator, this training is best for the following reasons.


  • No need to get email lists, or request subscribers

  • No social media marketing needed

  • No need to actually purchase the products before selling

  • No need to create a full-fledge website to sell these products

  • No employees or staff needed

  • No interaction with customers


This training comes for a price, and it is every customer’s right to know whether it is worth the price or not. Let’s start by knowing the creator first and then analyze the methods he suggests for earning money.


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The person behind the creation of this program is Robby Blanchard. But how many people actually know Robby? Who is this person, and what has he done to be an instructor for this ClickBank marketing?


You might know him, but Robby Blanchard is one of the most successful marketers who has used ClickBank affiliate marketing to earn millions. He is still earning thousands of dollars every day, all thanks to his smart strategies and the right choice of products. He is way ahead of other marketers, and the only thing that has helped him is ‘smart planning’.


He worked as a gym instructor, but he did not have many clients, and soon he was in debt. Like all of us, Robby was working the old-school way too, by working on his career, hoping people would notice and come to him. But after months of almost no client, he finally started scrolling Facebook and tried his luck with Facebook ads. One thing led to another, and within a few weeks, he was able to create a successful marketing plan for his gym and services. This is what he called the smart way of learning instead of the hard way.


The technological tools are highly cost-effective, result-oriented and faster than conventional ways. Soon Robby made his way to affiliate marketing, and after earning millions of dollars, he got into the list of most successful Clickbank marketers worldwide. He has now trained thousands of people and still aims to help more. His experiences, tips, tricks and strategies are combined into this new course, Commission Hero 2.0, which helps earn at least $1,000 daily once you learn to play smart.




There is no easy way of saying this, but online money does not mean free money. There is no way people will pay you for nothing. And if you really want to make it work, learning is the first key to affiliate marketing. If you are convinced to get training, who can do it better than the ClickBank Guru himself, that is Robby Blanchard.


This program helps you choose the best product to build an affiliate setup where you can earn a high profit on every sale. The Commission Hero 2.0 course follows a three-step way to generate money, which is as follows.


Select a Network- the first thing is to choose the right affiliate network to start your work. While it is hard to choose one because of such variety, there are some networks that offer a better commission on the products. The creator Robby Blanchard eases this struggle by suggesting some of the best networks and explaining what makes them better than others.

Building Landing Pages– next is to create the landing page, which is a major step in this process. This landing page will be used for the customers to complete the sales.

Facebook Paid Ads- the final step is to choose how to attract traffic to your landing page and compel them to make the sale. Robby Blanchard follows a step by step approach to making the best out of Facebook ads, even for beginners.


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Here is a list of seven components that all trainees will get after registering for the Commission Hero 2.0 training.


Number one- 8 Week LIVE MasterClass


The first thing to get is digital access to the lectures, online coaching, access to the tools and resources that ensure your success as a digital marketer. It has a two-week master class helping all the trainees to become a pro by simple, easy to follow and smart techniques.


Number two- Commission Hero 2.0 Tools


You will get custom tools that are helpful to take a fresh start. This software can help write and improve the ad copy and help find the audience without costing any extra.


Number three- PRO Quiz Hero Software


This is an amazing software that helps ensure profits with every click. The trainees can use it alongside the templates and build landing pages with a win-win situation.




Here you will learn how to crack a killer deal with the highest profit margin. If you get these right, you can earn up to $400 profit on every sale, which is more than enough for a fresh marketer. Spend all your spare time learning this, and the money will follow you with almost no effort.




You will get to know the real tactics and tricks used to generate profitable traffic with confirmed offers. It is a step-by-step guide on making and increasing daily sales, irrespective of the previous efforts.




After learning how to write successful and impressive ads, the next is to upscale them. Here you will learn how to expand the profits, multiplying them every day.




All trainees will get help and support from other members of the Commission Hero 2.0 community. They can ask direct questions to Robby, the team or other members with a guaranteed fast reply. This help is available 27/7, any day. You can also share your success or failure stories or ask for suggestions.


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  • No prior training, experience or education needed

  • The trainer is an experienced and successful marketer

  • You can take help from your fellows to learn it better

  • Faster money that reaches you in no time

  • Simple, easy and straightforward approach

  • Minimal effort, once you understand how it works

  • 100% legal and safe way to earn money

  • One time training with no monthly or yearly charges




Commission Hero 2.0 is paid training, and no part of it is free. It is a one-time investment so consider it more of registration charges. There is no monthly or yearly maintenance cost.


The one-time cost of this program is $2497 but there is an alternate option to pay in three installments of $997.00 each. Visit the official website here for bonus deals and offers. This price seems too much for online training, but this money can be earned back within the first two months of applying the knowledge learnt during this time. Do not worry if this price seems high to you; use this training to get this money back as soon as possible and multiply your earnings under the training of a marketing guru.


If you have questions, feel free to contact me through the email [email protected]. Soon a representative from the company will contact you with a solution.


Here is a list of bonuses that all trainees will get.


Direct access to the next virtual event 


It is a two-day training explaining the strategies and tips from the experts, who are currently earning thousands of dollars every day. You will learn the latest updates on web traffic and tricks to increase sales. These events will be recorded, and you can watch them later too.


$100K DFY Campaigns


Next, all trainees will get access to eight successful campaigns by Robby from the past, which was a huge success. There is no time waste here, and these recorded lectures will help you improve your strategy.


Access To Robby’s Personal Ad Library


All trainees will get direct access to Robby’s personal library and see the ads and strategies he has created over the years. You can also see the images he has used and never forget that these tools helped him earn millions. So they are definitely a not-to-miss thing.


 7 Figure DFY Copy Swipe Files


This bonus will give you access to the files, with writing copies created by an expert copywriter. You can use them as a sample and write one for yourself later.


Million Dollar Inside Training (Bonus Module) 


This module explains new scaling techniques, ad accounts information, smart credit card hacks and everything that could increase your sales significantly high.


The Commission Hero Card (Bonus Module)


This card will extend your spending limit while running ads and open new benefits such as a 2.2% cashback scheme. With the help of this card, the trainees can earn at least $1000 per day.




People who want to establish a passive source of income can try ClickBank affiliate marketing and earn thousands of dollars by working from home. Commission Hero 2.0 is a training program that prepares a person to start this journey of online marketing by choosing a profitable product, tools, strategies and ways to expand earnings.


It is like you are your own boss, and there is no initial investment, direct sale, purchase or customer dealing needed. The only ‘money’’ here is the training cost that Robby promises you will earn within a few days of this training. If this review has convinced you to sign up for the training, visit the official website here and sign up for the training course before the vacancies are filled.




Here is a list of some additional questions on this program.


Who Should Join Commission Hero 2.0?


Anyone who wants to earn legit and legal money from online marketing can join this program. It can either be a full time or part-time thing and can be managed with a full-time job too.


How Much Time Does It Take To Start Making Money?


Normally it depends upon the personal efforts of every person, but on average, 30 days are enough to see the outcomes of your struggles. It may show up sooner if you are in luck, but 30 days is more than enough time to see the results.


Are There Any Hidden Charges?


There are no hidden charges, but there is some additional cost that the trainee has to pay. Such as paying for the advertisements, and landing pages, which can cost up to $20 per day.


Can People From International Locations Join Commission Hero 2.0?


Commission Hero 2.0 is an online program, and people from all international destinations can be a part of it. Your profits will be directly submitted to your local banks, or you can enter an address to receive the paychecks.


How Many Hours Does It Need Per Day?


There are no fixed hours for the Commission Hero 2.0 training. It is not a regular job, and your working hours mainly depend upon your targets. You can work less and earn more by using smart skills.


How Much Money Can You Earn From Commission Hero 2.0?


Individual results may vary. This is not a get-rich-quick scheme. You have to put in the required work. You can earn as much as you want by putting in the effort. On average, every trainee can earn at least $1000 per day, and more, if he follows the instructions of Robby and plans smartly.


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