Everything You Must Know About Kief

Summary: Kief cannabis strains are highly popular. Kief itself is a potent component that can be used in different, interesting ways. Each way has its unique features and methods. The same must be made known to enjoy the best cannabis experience. Read to explore more details. 

Article: Kief is a potent, aromatic extract made up of cannabis trichomes. It delivers a great high. It is considered to be one of the oldest concentrates in the world. Kief cannabis strains are very popular among users these days. One can make the most of kief.

You may add kief into your coffee. However, there is a specific process that you need to follow. For rich extraction, you need to have an espresso machine using which you can add kief to the bottom of a portafilter before you top it off with the beans. This method will help you to extract rich, aromatic oil from the ground coffee. It is advisable not to simply mix kief into your already-brewed coffee. In another type of use, all you need is a blunt or a joint, some cannabis hash oil or rosin, and enough kief. You can drizzle some rosin or oil around the outside of a blunt and go on to sprinkle some kief on its top. You can use this approach to spice up your bowl.  

You can also go on to cook up some kief butter. Remember, it is important to decarboxylate kief before you cook it in order to make sure that all the compounds within it have been activated. It should be made known that kief is composed exclusively of the resin which holds terpenes and cannabinoids. For another method, you can press kief to make hash. It is one of the traditional ways to make use of kief. This is popular among many weed farmers who take blocks of kief, heat them and press them several times. The end result is a rich, creamy, and highly potent extract – also known as hashish. Thus, there are various ways to make the best use of kief. 

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