Inviting Guests During Live Stream-Everything You Need to Know

Live streaming is a modern video marketing tool that lets users watch, create, and share videos on a real-time basis. It is an excellent tool that helps users, especially content creators, to amplify their digital presence and make their videos, products, and services popular in the competitive market. To enable seamless live streaming, all that you need to have is a stable internet connection and a platform to live stream on.

People today are not restricted to a particular platform. They want to migrate from one platform to another according to their convenience. This can create a problem if you live stream to only a particular platform. That is where multistreaming comes to the rescue. Now you can simulcast live videos on different platforms and grab the attention of a wide audience. There are numerous benefits associated with using the multistreaming solution, which include: 

  • Expand your reach.

  • Engage with the audience.

  • Save time.

  • Convenient to use.

Apart from this, another significant advantage of multistreaming is that you can easily invite guests during the live stream. It is one of the striking features that helps the users target new audiences and build trust amongst the viewers. So, keep scrolling through to know the details regarding how to invite the guests to your broadcast on Facebook Live, YouTube, and more.

To invite a guest during live streaming, the first step is to click on the invite guest list from the streaming software that you are using. Then click on the invite guest button in the top left corner of your navigation pane, automatically copying the invite link. After that, you can send the live streaming link to your guest, and they can easily join your broadcast. 

The visitor can participate in the live video via computer or smartphone.They must have a stable WIFI connection to join the live video. The guest will appear in your navigation panel on the left-hand side, from where you will have to click on their face to add them to the canvas. In the event that the guests are in the waiting room and not on the canvas, they will not be broadcast live. The host of the live stream has complete control over the broadcast. You, as a host, can select which of your guests will go live and when by clicking on the plus and minus buttons that appear on their faces.

Each broadcast has its own unique invite link with its own unique code that is private to you every time you stream. That link is refreshed each time you create a new stream and send it to guests ahead of time. The room and the invite link will persist, and you can go live at a later point in time with your guests.

Before you start live streaming, you need to make sure that you have the following:

  • A PC with a webcam and mic

  • An updated version of Chrome or Firefox.

  • A strong internet connection

  • Connect to the router with an ethernet cable instead of using WiFi.

  • Earbuds or headphones to prevent audio echo.

The best live streaming platform that you can rely on is Styck. This streaming software allows users to invite up to 4 guests to their stream. It is the new live streaming platform that is extremely easy to use and hassle-free. You are not required to download or install any software. Furthermore, with Styck, you can enjoy the benefits of custom branding by leveraging personalised images and backgrounds for your live videos. 


Avail of the benefits of using the best live streaming platform!