How to Save Gmail Emails As PST Format?

Summary: Do you want to export Gmail emails to PST file? To export emails from a popular email client, follow the steps outlined in this article.

With more than 2.2 billion active users, Gmail has a massive user base. It is a quick and free email service that offers a significant quantity of storage space without the need to pay for it. Using an internet browser, you may quickly access Gmail.

It is one of the most secure email programmes available, and a big number of users trust it implicitly. Because of the high demand for data export, Google has launched the Google Takeout tool, which allows users to save Gmail emails in several formats.

Cybercrime and hacking are unavoidable in any application. The same is true for Gmail, so if you want to make sure your data is safe, you should make a backup of it. We will learn how to do this export procedure in the most efficient manner in this post.

What is the best way to Save Gmail emails to a PST file?

We can export Google's emails in MBOX format using an internal capability. This format allows you to store all of the emails in a folder in a single database file. The problem emerges while trying to convert this file to PST format. We'll go through how to do this conversion later, but first, let's look at how to export Google emails:

1. Log in to your Gmail account with the correct credentials as the first step.

2. Go to and click the "Manage your Google Account" option.

3. Scroll down the left-hand menu until you find "Data Privacy."

4. In the "Data from applications and services you use" section, click on "Download your data."

5. From the large list of options on the following screen, select "Mail."

6. Select Next from the drop-down menu. Choose the file type, frequency, and location from the drop-down menus. 'Create Export' is the option to choose.

7. Google will take care of your request and export your Gmail emails as soon as possible.

Save Gmail Emails with Attachments to PST Format

You may easily preserve the emails by following the steps outlined above. The data must then be converted to the PST file format. Xtraxtor Gmail Backup Tool is the appropriate answer for this. It is the preferred option of experts, and it offers the following advantages:

  • Multiple emails can be exported to PST and other formats.
  • The feature that allows you to handle even orphan source files
  • Can easily export each file's attachments
  • Saves files with a variety of naming schemes.


We looked at how to save Gmail emails to PST file in this post. You have two options to choose from. Both techniques have been proven and true, and they guarantee the security of your information. Users don't have to worry about their data if they use any of the methods outlined.