How Solar Saves You Money in the Summer!

The weather is warming up, meaning the birds are around and ready to chirp their melodious songs! It's going to be a fun one. However, you mustn't forget about safety precautions this time of year as it can get dangerous! Mosquitoes are no small matter, and with UV rays beaming at full force, it's always smart to wear plenty of sunscreens to prevent your skin from burning while letting the sun soak into your body as a natural tanning bed. Also, be sure not to burn and check the ozone levels before swimming - but don't fret because there is still time for some pool time!


Solar Saves: AC Usage


Let's just talk about your electricity bill, shall we? Summer vacations are a lot more enjoyable if one is not nearly passing out from the heat. Also, with all the family members who will be home this summer, let's not forget all those "warm bodies" that need to be cooled off after their long day at the beach! So don't forget to turn on the A/C unit before you get out from under it. It would suck if you came home after a fun day outside and found your house hotter than an oven (at least for me)! It would also be unfortunate if one had to worry about high energy usage during peak season because that means paying hefty taxes, which many people do not have extra money to spare on things they never thought they'd have to pay attention to when they moved into their house in the first place.


With potential rate hikes, increased demand, and increased global instability this summer, the energy market is the "perfect storm" for increasing power costs. Electric BBQ Seasoning, when implemented correctly, can help lower the temperature in your backyard this summer, so you don't have to worry about cranking up your air conditioning unit to keep it cool. Why spend money on a costly AC unit when you can save serious cash by investing in an efficient solar installation? With an investment into clean, renewable energy plus a healthy side of financial savings, solar power sunshine coast is a sensible match for an AC unit this summer.


Solar Saves: Battery Storage


Now, a solar system alone will make a difference in your summer savings. You could cut down on the costs of your electricity bill by up to 90%! This is considered a huge step for most people, but many aren't aware that adding a battery storage system on top of your solar panels could take things to the next level. Think of it this way: most of the time, your energy consumption will not exceed the amount of energy generated from your solar panel system. This excess electricity can be put back into our grid for you to benefit from later when you need it.


With the ever-increasing high cost of energy in many parts of the world due to pollution and other issues, it often makes sense to many homeowners or commercial property owners who want to save money on their electricity bills. One way this can be accomplished is by drawing power from your battery storage backup in your home or office. If one went so far as to have a solar energy system installed, they could potentially be eligible for a utility rebate! The more energy you store for future use during off-peak hours when electricity rates are lower, the more money you will make in savings throughout the year, which essentially makes grid-tied systems so valuable.


Dealing with Blackouts!


There are two ways to determine how going green can impact your bottom line. Sometimes, having solar panels and a system set up can prove costly. However, individuals who go green often find alternative ways to trim down their home's energy usage without compromising their quality of life or resorting to extreme measures like recycling. The best way to do this is not simply cutting back here and there but by investing in proper planning from the beginning. Retaining expert advice is also important, so you will know what works with your lifestyle and budget.

We encourage people to switch to solar ahead of the summer because a summer commercial solar installation can save you money on your energy bills. The summer months bring some of the most intense sunlight so that you can convert that energy into clean electricity, and it will help you reduce your monthly energy costs by a considerable amount. Follow Accord Electricals for more insights and info.


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