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As far as lingerie goes, it's important to remember that you are only as good as your foundation. One of the most important parts of your bras, for example, is the band. It should be snug enough that you can't fit more than two fingers underneath it, but not so tight that it is painful or feels uncomfortable. You should also make sure that you are wearing the right size bra—a mistake a lot of women make is wearing bras that are too small. This will make your breasts look saggy and unappealing, and can even cause back pain. If you're finding that you aren't getting the support and comfort you need from your bras, try out a new style or brand.

Remember that you are only as good as your foundation, and we carry some of the best brands in the business! You should make sure that you are wearing the right size bra—don't just rely on whatever your size was when you were in high school. A proper bra is essential, as it makes you look good and feel great. If you don't have the right bra size, your chest will sag and pull down. With a proper bra fit, your chest is supported and lifted up. Remember that a good bra can give you support, keep you comfortable all day long, and can even help alleviate chronic back pain.