How to remove facial hair naturally?

Several factors can reduce the glow of your skin such as dead skin cells, dark spots, uneven skin tone, and most importantly, facial hair. While all women have facial hairs, they mostly consist of vellus hair that is fine and mostly unnoticeable. Meanwhile, some women have coarse facial hair which is called terminal hair. It can happen due to hormonal imbalance in the body. Terminal hairs often grow thicker, darker, and denser, which can impact your facial outlook.

While there are various ways to get rid of them such as threading, waxing, and laser treatments, these treatments are often short-lived and extremely costly. This is where home remedies to remove facial hair should be your primary choice.

Some home remedies to remove facial hair:

Sugar and Honey

Sugar and honey are the holy combinations to make your face hairless and smooth. Sugar works as a mild exfoliant that removes your dead cells and facial hair. Meanwhile, honey acts as a natural moisturizer and also nourishes your skin. To start, you can make a peel-off mask using these two ingredients. Mix a tablespoon of honey with two tablespoons of sugar and a tablespoon of water. You can manually mix them or place them in the microwave for 30 seconds until the sugar dissolves.

Apply the paste to the areas of hair growth and then put a strip of cotton cloth over the paste. Let it cool and pull the cloth in one quick motion in the opposite direction of hair growth. Before you use this technique make sure your skin is not sensitive as the mixture has a waxing effect on the skin and waxing your face is not something a dermatologist will enthusiastically encourage.

Rose water and gram flour

Rose water is a great soothing element that keeps your skin clean and moisturize while gram flour helps it exfoliate. Mix 2 tablespoons of gram flour with 2 tablespoons of rose water and 1 tablespoon of lemon juice. Mix them into a paste and apply them to your face. Once it dries, rub the mixture off your face and some facial hair will also come off with it.

Remember, this process only works when you have very little facial hair on your face. It also does not work on the first session and you may have to repeat the process 3-4 times a week to get the desired results. It also doesn’t give you an even cleaner look. The lemon helps to lighten up the hair to match your skin. However, don’t leave it too much as it can over-bleach your hair and skin, making it sensitive to light.

Use Vaniqa Cream

Online Vaniqa cream UK is a medication that slows down the growth of unwanted facial and chin hair in women. It blocks a natural enzyme to eliminate hair growth in the skin. It changes the texture of your coarse hair and makes it look fine. As a result, it makes it easier for you to remove them without hurting your skin’s integrity. As it makes the hair unnoticeable, you may not even have to remove them.

Now that you know how you should use Vaniqa cream to your advantage, make sure to buy the drug from a reputed online store to rest assured of its efficacy and avoid unwanted side effects in the long term. After you receive the medicine, check for any sign of tampering. If you see so or notice the medicines are of different colors than they should be, do not consume them. Instead, immediately return them without giving any second thoughts.