Hi, my name is Edward J. Carpenter

 Hi, my name is Edward J. Carpenter, I am 35 years old. I'm a backend developer working on the https://www.deskree.com/ platform. We love creating new and exciting products that have never been on the market before. Deskree is the living proof that developing software isn't a burden. They have applied principles and have proven that with their product.

 Web development requires a number of stages. Let's have a look at the definition of a website and how it works.

 Any website consists of users and a server part. On a web page, you see images, text, buttons as well as images and videos. It is possible to move around the website and explore the contents. You see the user part of the site and the results of the frontend developer's efforts which is the interactivity, visualization and the clarity of the interface. The site is beautiful in layout, with illuminated buttons and interesting typography. It is also easy to navigate. But how does it appear from the inside?

 The performance, logic, and functionality of the site are responsible for the server component, which is hidden from the user. The creation of the site is handled by a backend programmer, and only the administrator of the website can control it via a specific interface.

 Each request made by the user to the server gets sent to the server. The server is the place where all process takes place when a request is processed, filtered and the reply is sent back. Backend development is accountable for the proper operation of this process.

 Let's consider a typical computer as an example. You can freely navigate through folders and files. you can erase and alter data, add new information, or do whatever you want. However, you are not able to connect to the server side. The computer locks the folders together with the system files to ensure that users do not do anything stupid and affect its proper operation. The same thing happens to the site . You have access only to the parts that aren't affecting its functioning. You can access the site however you are not able to alter the code.


 Both the server and the user are interconnected. They can produce a good outcome (i.e., Only when they are working together will they be able to create an effective and well-designed website.