This is Christina.

This is Christina. At the age of 20 I started my career as a consultant for a technical support company. I have worked on numerous networking projects. I hold several certifications that are related to computer networking and include.

 Over the years, after being an advisor for a business, I could see that my time was spent increasing amounts of administrative tasks, and not enough on technical tasks.

 It was the most enjoyable aspect of my job, and I found it difficult to accept the slow diminution of technical work within my work schedule. I started seeking ways to maintain the technical value of my spare time.

 In my quest to preserve important technical knowledge I created my own blog. This blog contains only technical articles about networks and servers.

 This was how I started writing for various websites, blogs, media outlets and other sites. I am delighted to work for Howly as an expert in technology and writing. I am able to share my knowledge with anyone who visits

 It's simple to reach out to your friends or support staff if you have any computer problems. They will assist you and, more often than you think, they won't force you to bring your laptop to them, or even wait for them to help you. If your computer malfunction allows remote connection to it Support can be provided quickly.

 What about smartphone owners? Not all users are so well-versed in the settings to be able to solve any problems that arise on their own. Howly experts will be there to assist you.

 Howly is a great method to connect with knowledgeable experts in health, finance, beauty. PC and Mac setup and repair repairs to smartphones home appliances, electronics, and more. Our specialists are on hand 24/7, seven days a week, without weekends or lines.


 Our team includes top-notch specialists who are available to assist you right now. Each one has at minimum 4 years' expertise in their area and passes an internal exam. Howly ensures that only the most passionate professionals work for you.