Minecraft Bedrock And Java Editions To Be Sold Together On PC

The Java Edition and the Bedrock Edition have been the two versions of Minecraft available to download on PC. This will be changing on the 7th of June since both versions will be available to purchase together on PCs.

It could leave you wondering what this could mean to your life. It's just a tiny difference. A single purchase will now give you both editions of Minecraft in one package. This means that you'll only have one vanilla version of Minecraft on Windows today. If you already own either Bedrock or Java edition then there's no reason to fret. Mojang says that all players with either Java Edition or Bedrock Edition will be able to get the edition they do not currently own for free, directly in the Minecraft Launcher. However, it could take up to three working days to show up.

Jave and Bedrock will remain their own games with different features. There have been no changes to the features. The only difference is that you'll be having both versions by default when buying Minecraft on your Windows PC and both versions will be inside the same launcher.

As a reminder, even though Java is only available to PC, Mac and Linux systems The Bedrock Edition is available on PC as well as mobile (Android, iOS, Windows 10 mobile ) and on a variety of consoles including Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, and many more. Java is considered to be the more flexible version of Minecraft on PC in terms of modding however, it doesn't support cross-platform play. AlsoGslist.nethas a higher performance ceiling and tends to appear a bit more appealing on gaming computers with higher end specs as opposed to the Bedrock Edition is designed to play more smoothly and has lower loading times.