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Times Higher Education (THE), the United Kingdom's leading magazine for higher education, is based in London. Before, it was referred to as the Times Higher Education Supplement (THE). It was a publication that produced articles mostly about higher education from 1991 until 2008. Time Higher Education (THE) began its new adventure as a weekly publication on January 10, 2008. It now contributes to the educational community by disseminating the World University Rankings and Awards.


The nominees for numerous categories, including the most coveted one for the University of the Year 2020, were revealed by the 2020 Times Higher Education. For those who are unaware, the Times Higher Education Awards are the Oscars of the United Kingdom's higher education system. It was established in 2005 and organized its first international tournament in 2019. Each year, hundreds of institutions take part in this. For any outstanding individual accomplishment, teamwork, academic or research excellence, professional support, leadership positions, etc., they get ranks and recognition.


On November 26, 2020, the most recent awards ceremony was held. But because of COVID-19, the ceremony took place virtually. The Times Higher Education selects and honors contenders based on teaching, research, accessibility, and proof of creative and innovative activities they have implemented.


University of the Year Award nominations for the year 2020

The following British academic institutions have been nominated by The Times Higher Education University of the Year for the 2020 University of the Year Awards:


Edge Hill University: In 2014 and 2015, they were named Universities of the Year.

The University of Glasgow is the fourth-oldest English-speaking university in the world and one of the oldest Scottish institutions in the United Kingdom.


Keele University: This university routinely ranks among the top three in England.

Staffordshire Institution - For the Teaching Excellence Framework, the university achieved a Gold grade.


The Times Higher Education University Rankings in 2019 placed the University of Worchester at the top for quality education.


The 2020 Times Higher Education University of the Year Award Recipient

The University of Glasgow has been named the Times Higher Education University of the Year for 2020.


The University of Glasgow received the highest honor from the awards ceremony in recognition of its commitment to address its historical links to slavery via the reparative justice program. The awards honor the accomplishments of educational organizations, groups, and staff members working in higher education.


The winners of the Times Higher Education University Awards 2020 were deemed "hugely worthy" of the honor by the panel of judges. They continued by claiming that the institution took a moral stand, admitted its involvement with slavery, and then made the appropriate adjustments. UK universities have high standards not just for themselves but also for all the other institutions in the country.


The University of Glasgow was also shortlisted by the Times Higher Education University Awards in the technological or digital innovation of the year award category for its work in developing a 3D virtual reality classroom for its students to improve their comprehension of complex molecular structures.


But this wasn't the University of Glasgow's first piece of good news. Three prestigious university rankings also saw a significant improvement at the educational institution. They were included in the Times and The Sunday Times 2021 Good University Guide.


They maintained their position in second place in Scotland while moving up two spots to rank 14th in the United Kingdom. The university moved up seven spots in the World University Rankings, rising to the 92nd spot.


The institution rose two spots in The Guardian University Guide, placing it in 12th place overall in the UK.


Principal and Vice-Chancellor of the University of Glasgow's remarks The Principal and Vice-Chancellor of the University of Glasgow said it was an honor to be named the Times Higher Education University of the Year 2020 for the academic institution's work on reparative justice and historic slavery. They also thanked the judging panel and THE for the honor.


He said that the University of Glasgow was the first academic institution in the United Kingdom to acknowledge its historical ties to slavery via a thorough investigation of the past and the open and honest communication of its conclusions to everybody.


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The University of Glasgow deserves this honor in large part because they were courageous enough to have a discourse about slavery, a sensitive subject. The university, on the other hand, maintains that discussing their history openly is not only important but also morally correct. They implemented the program of reparative justice as a result.


The Reparative Justice Program

The University of Glasgow sought to address the racial fairness and racial concerns that exist in the UK and across the western world. To demonstrate how to accomplish racial justice and to advance it at the institution, they developed the reparative justice program.


Through the initiative, the university may reshape itself as a British academic institution that prioritizes and focuses on justice and equality. The University of Glasgow claims that this program is only the beginning and that they have plans to expand it and come up with further efforts to achieve racial and ethnic justice.


Working with their staff, students, and colleagues at the University of the West Indies, as well as their advisory board and the city of Glasgow, the University of Glasgow brought this initiative to life. Through this initiative, the educational institution hopes to promote the idea of owning one's history, no matter how unpleasant it may have been, and then taking the necessary steps to make up for past mistakes.


While history cannot be changed, you may atone for your mistakes by making sure your educational institution is based on racial justice and equality. The University of Glasgow will now exert all of its efforts to represent every student and cooperate with others to support their success by putting the past behind them and constructing a just and equitable future for everyone.


2020 Times Higher Education Awards Winners in All Category List

The University of Glasgow is the top institution.

Admissions staff, UK Higher Education The Outstanding Achievement Award

Excellent Assistance to Students

Leicester Trent University

Outstanding Support for Diversity, Equality, and Inclusion


The business school of the year at the University of Worcester

The School of Business in Aberdeen Robert Gordon College.

The STEM-related research project of the year

Heriot-Watt College

This Year's Best Research Project in the Humanities, Social Sciences, and Humanities

London's Royal Holloway University

The Year's Outstanding Research Supervisor

Tara Moore, University of Ulster,

Initiative for Knowledge Transfer/Exchange of the Year

Western University of Scotland

Digital or technological innovation of the year

Outstanding Local Community Contribution by the University of Exeter

The College of Manchester

An Outstanding University for Entrepreneurship

Aston College

Assigned by Data Points

Surrey University's Outstanding Library Team

The College of Edinburgh

The year's most outstanding technician

The University of Liverpool's John Waters

Excellent Estates Strategy

The Widening Participation or Outreach Initiative of the Year at the University of Birmingham

Outstanding Marketing/Communications Team at Royal Northern College of Music

Staffordshire College

Outstanding Educator of the Year

Judith Francois, University of Kingston

The Year's Best International Cooperation

Swansea University is working with partners in the UK and abroad.

The Times Higher Education University will have another award season the following year for the calendar year 2021. Maybe the performance will be live rather than online next year. You may use our list of winners as a starting point for your selection if you wish to base it on the 2020 winners.


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