List of Top Features for HR Software in India

Human resource software is an essential tool for all the businesses in every industry irrespective of its size. Moreover, the business owners must choose the right tools and vendor that fits their budget and needs. Following are a few of the top features available in HR software India:

  • Recruitment and Onboarding:  


The cloud-based HR software in India will automate, digitize and optimize recruitment and onboarding efforts. This software will spot the vacant positions in the organization and create an effective job description for the organization to post. Furthermore, it will integrate all the job sourcing portals and partners on a single platform for easy communication.  

  • Employee Help Desk:  


The human resource department has to look after multiple departments and teams at the same time to ensure smooth operations. They already have a huge checklist of tasks to accomplish on daily basis adding additional responsibility will create a ruckus. The HR solution in India will have an employee self-serve kiosk to automate tedious, manual, and repetitive tasks.  

  • Payroll Management:  


Payroll is one of the most crucial tasks which the human resource department needs to manage effectively. Because payroll is the biggest motivator for the workforce to ensure productivity and lesser absenteeism at work. The top 10 HR software in India will have a payroll module integrated to simplify the payroll process. 

  • Work Processes:  


The human resource department is responsible for setting the best practices in the workplace to increase team efficiency. The HR software solution in India will help to spot the manual tasks which the human resources spend most of their time daily. 

  • Attendance, Leave, and Time Management:  


The human resource department needs to record the employee attendance, leaves, and timesheets to calculate payroll. Manually tracking and maintaining the timesheets will be a tedious and time-consuming task for the HR department.   

  • Employee Training and Development:  

The human resource department must train the new hires to easily adapt to the business processes. Additionally, they also need to spot the top performers and develop them to become future business leaders. Employee training and development are very intricate tasks which they need to execute efficiently. Traditional employee training modules are inefficient, time-consuming, and tedious to accomplish and get desired results. 

  • Performance Management:  


The HR team has to identify the business goals, set relevant key performance indicators, and track the progress. It is a challenging task for the HR department to track and evaluate the entire organization's performance. Because every employee will have individual targets to achieve as per their job role and their team will have a goal to achieve collaboratively.  

  • Benefits and Reimbursement Management:  


The HR professionals have to ensure that they process the benefits that are promised to the employee. Additionally, they need to reimburse the employees if they do any expenditure for business purposes. Traditional processing of benefits and reimbursement will take a longer time and there are higher chances of mistakes.  

  • Talent Management and Retention:  


The core purpose of the human resource department is to manage its workforce. But the workforce today is becoming more diverse and dynamic than ever with evolving market trends. Hence it is a very challenging task for the human resource department to manage their workforce manually.  

  • Analytics and Data Management:  

The human resource department stores all the sensitive and confidential information of your employees. The HR department must manage the data efficiently and securely to keep it safe. The best HR software solution in India will secure servers that centralized the data of your entire organization securely. Moreover, it will synchronize the data in real-time to the server so the entire workforce is on the same page.  

There is a huge list of HRMS companies in India, each providing diverse features for various businesses. We understand that it can be very challenging and confusing to select the top features and vendors for your HR software in India.