For fans of Madden nfl 23 they should note that a team with poor cornerback play hasn't won

For the past few years some of the most talented players in the world and Madden Bowl champions have completely stopped playing the passing game Mut 23 coins. In one year, the champion had a winning punter an offensive player because he never played the ball in the opposite direction.

In a league designed to accommodate the best players, it's silly that passing still remains as insignificant as running. The situation isn't changing in that regard this year and it's bound cause problems for tournaments similar to the past few years.


The practice of pitting teams comprising 99 OVR players against teams that have silvers and bronzes must be stopped. Period. It takes all the excitement out of finding one of the top running backs in the world only to join teams that have every position that is filled with players who are the best ever.

It penalizes players who play well by forcing their underdog team to go against whales that have spent literally millions of dollars for MUT cards and packs. This isn't enjoyable and, should a large number of players quit this team, it's probably not profitable also.

Pass Controls for Rush

Moving past blockers requires some quick thinking and skills. Players must be able to respond to the movements of an offensive lineman, and then decide within a fraction of seconds, the best way to pass through. Therefore, it's quite offensive to get a good result in a movement while being in the block.

The controls are broken , and it has actually taken a step back this year . The focus is now on linebackers and less on the line of defense. In the event that the animation actually happens it can take a long time. Some X-Factor abilities can speed up this process but it's gotten preposterously long, even for superstars.

Unskippable Cutscenes

Don't get caught up in the muck I really appreciate that the storyline was clearer and less confusing this year. It's also nice to know that the cutscenes are available to players who have played the game multiple times.

However, at different times during Franchise as well as Face of the Franchise, there are cutscenes with dialogue that is typed, not spoken, and viewers are required to watch the silent movie unfold. Please let these scenes be skipped, too.

The Skills are Locked Out

Each class type comes with the same set of skills that players can take advantage of. When playing The Yard, every player must throw or catch, run, tackle or cover, as well as blitz. Therefore, it is only natural that even running backs be looking to improve their passing skills.

However, unlike previous years avatar abilities are restricted to a small number of upgrades cheap mut 23 coins. Why, in the time when it's the most important to be well-rounded, why are players being unable to choose these particular enhancements?